Cosmetic news

I have not shown cosmetic novelties for a long time, and this is because I used the same cosmetics for a long time. However, when my beloved BB Dr G hydra intensive cream ended, I started looking for a natural substitute. It was not that easy, because I have already undertaken this task several times - a flap each time. Natural BB cream did not cover well or I spill it afterwards. In the end I found an ideal that I will write about in a moment.

bb cream bio

BB cream So Bio

I read about this cream at one of the natural bloggers. I couldn't find the samples anywhere, so I risked buying a full-sized package. BB cream is available in two colors - 01 (light beige) and 02 (medium beige). I chose the number 02, which blends perfectly with my complexion, and finally, some BB cream fits my skin color well, but it is not too bright. jojoba or sunflower oil.

I suspect that it is thanks to them that it moisturizes the skin so well (I don't put anything under BB cream). I also have the impression that it soothes irritations and also has a beneficial effect on acne lesions. Unfortunately, it has one minus - it does not matt for too long, which is why I have to use the second novelty in my wash bag for the "T" zone.

Matt powder from Chanel

Chanel, Poudre Universelle Compacte

My adventure with powders always ended the same way - a huge rash on my face that I treated for a long time. Fortunately, I found a powder in a matting stone for the "T" zone that doesn't cause any damage to my face. Chanel, Poudre Universelle Compacte (my shade is 30 Naturel Transculent 2) is the perfect powder for makeup.

Chanel Stone Powder is a great product if you have a complexion. Mats for long hours, even very problematic skin. If I start to glow, I use matting papers with Wibo (they have been with me for years). The product has no particles, which is a huge plus in my case.

It blends very well with the skin and works great with BB So Bio cream. It is very efficient, which is a characteristic feature of stone powders. Of the minuses, I can only mention a sponge for applying powder. I can't imagine working with her, I prefer applying powder Zoeva Bamboo brush.
Hean mascara with a conditioner that stimulates eyelash growth

Hean, Volume Growing Lashes Stimulator

This ink fell into my basket because of the brush - silicone with two lengths of tabs. I was not disappointed, because it combs the eyelashes very nicely, while giving a natural and exaggerated effect. It also doesn't leave lumps, and the great shape of the brush means that even a less skilled hand will not have a problem with painting eyelashes and obtaining the WOW effect.

Apparently, the product is supposed to stimulate eyelashes to grow, but I did not notice anything and I did not expect this effect. Under the mascara I use Eveline eyelash base, which has been great for me for a long time. In addition to being very nice and lengthening eyelashes, it's cheap. Its cost ranges from 10 to 16 PLN. what a product really is not much. Unfortunately, after its consistency changes a little (at the beginning its consistency is satin, then a little more compact) it begins to flake off.

September in pictures

The weather was good in September, so you could take some photos. Looking out the window, I would gladly return to those warm days.
In September, I most often wore a silk frill blouse, beige linen jacket, favorite jeans from Cubus High waist hannah and super comfortable mele.

Piotr bought a new phone case (silicone with marbled pattern) that fits perfectly with his elegant stylizations.

Color cosmetics

In September I used (and still use) dry Nuxe body oil very often. It reminds me of a summer that has passed too quickly, as usual. Tangle Teezer is also a great favorite of mine, although I use it from time to time (especially when applying a conditioner or mask).
Zoeva brushes are irreplaceable. In December it will be a year when I use them regularly. Together with Dr G hydra intensive cream and pink Mac well dress are on my list "I love and I will never exchange". I will add Bell Glam & Sexy mascara to this list soon. For now, works great.
My irreplaceable four for fall - Miss Dior eau fraiche, Bath & Body Works Fall Lakeside Breeze antibacterial gel, Mac well dressed blush and Chanel Rouge Noir varnish. I can't imagine autumn without these 4 products!
Autumn lunches
Although September was warm, the coming autumn could be felt. That is why soups reigned in our home. Corn soup is a huge favorite of mine. Its only downside is separating the beans from the flask. It takes a long time.
Tasty and very simple soup - cauliflower with the addition of two potatoes. Few ingredients are made quickly. It is also very tasty.
Piotr loves to eat cereal in the morning. I'm not a fan of cereals and I wasn't even tempted by strawberries and almond milk.
If you have a problem with effective time organization - read the Peter Bregman's book 18 minutes. Soon, a little more about time management on our blog.
Heathers - a sign of autumn. Although I'm not their fan at home, they delight me with their beautiful color.
I listen to Paris from Tchibo several times a week, especially during breakfast. In addition, a mirror from Paris from my sister-in-law, chocolate from Alma (you can find many types of chocolates that are not available in any other store. There are also discounts now!) And Icon silicone cover, which gives a little color on gloomy mornings.