Office inspiration, or how to arrange a work corner

More and more people are choosing to work at home. This has its pros and cons, as I wrote in this post. The main thing is to have a work corner, not work on the couch. Apart from the wrong posture, working on the sofa is not as effective as it is in a pleasant environment - a desk with the necessary tools for work.

I noticed that I am working better and more efficiently in a bright room. For comparison - I used to work in a company where there was no sun at all (you know, windows behind the trees and these matters). I ignore the fact that it was very cold there, but the lack of sunlight meant that it was very dark and gloomy. After a few days in this office, I felt like escaping.

office interior inspirations

When we decided to change the environment, I was looking for a flat that would be bright and well lit. This not only makes it easier to get up in the morning (we have windows from the bedroom to the east, so we are woken by the rays of the sun), but in addition it is easier to get good photos at home, which is very important when running a blog.
Below are some of the inspirations found on Pinterest - a huge mine of fashion, interior and culinary inspiration (and probably one that I have no idea about). If you don't follow ours yet Home inspiration board, you have to catch up. I attach really cool inspirations there, which will definitely be useful to me when decorating my apartment. To be honest - I'm looking forward to it.
double white desk for a small room
metal board organizer above the desk
moodboard in retro style
interior inspiration for the home office
wooden table in the Scandinavian style
white shelves above the desk as an organizer
white bookcase in the office