Beauty Limited massage device 6w1

I've been testing for several weeks 6w1 facial massage device, which is also a great idea for a Christmas gift for Mom, Sister or Mother-in-law. This device contains: Ultrasounds + Radio waves + EMS + positive ionophoresis + negative ionophoresis + vibroacoustic massage + LED light therapy. Most often for facial treatments I used the combination: RF + EMS, i.e. radio waves + needle-free mesotherapy + light therapy (red or blue light). Using this treatment, you can apply a cocktail, ampoule, collagen or hyaluronic acid under a special gel. It's nice that the device can be used not only on the face, but also on the body, e.g. the abdomen, thighs or shoulders. During this procedure, you feel light, but very pleasant pinching from time to time. As if the cells were stimulated to work.

6w1 massager beauty limited


Depending on the treatment you want to perform, we can apply an ultrasound gel, ampoule or cocktail. For each treatment we use a thick layer of ultrasound gel (ultrasound gel works well), which is mandatory for this device. After the procedure, we wash the excess gel with a paper towel or spatula.

The massager has two heads. The smooth head is designed for ultrasound, iontophoresis and acoustic vibrations, while the other head is used for radio waves with EMS and light therapy. The device is turned on using the POWER button. The MODE button is used to select the procedure, while the H / L button sets the power of the procedure. I performed the first treatment at the lowest intensity, gradually increasing the power with each treatment.

On the left in the device menu are the names of the treatments:

PHOTON - light therapy (using the H / L button we set the light color)

RF / EMS - radio waves with EMS

ULTRASONIC - ultrasounds

VIBRATION - vibrations

IONOPHORESIS - there are two options for iontophoresis (positive and negative). During this procedure it is very important to hold the side stripes of the device

POSITIVE ION - positive iontophoresis (great help with acne)

NEGATIVE ION - negative iontophoresis (when your skin needs hydration)

The device comes with detailed instructions along with examples of treatments that can be performed with the device. The instructions mention how long each treatment should last. Effects that can be obtained using the Beauty Limited massager.

beauty limited massager

Depending on the procedure, the skin reacts differently after each treatment. I have to mention that on days when I had skin changes I used soothing blue light most often. I used red light on my stomach, which supports metabolism.

After each treatment, the skin was firm, so "compacted" and bright. The procedure itself is painless, even at the highest power. What else when using Darsonvalu (I have been using Darsonval for several years and have never used full power because it is unpleasant for me).

This device is a great complement to everyday skin care. With the help of a series of treatments we can achieve the effects that we would get during a visit to the cosmetician. Only in this case, we invest in the device once and enjoy it for a longer time. It will certainly be more beneficial in financial terms. Beauty Limited massager is also a great idea for a Christmas gift for every woman. I would certainly be happy with such a gift myself.