What is the Vero app and why is it worth being there?

I hear more and more that Instagram is going down to the dogs and I can't disagree with that. Observing IG since taking over this app by the owner of Facebook I get the impression that it is getting worse. Apparently, new products are introduced such as Insta Stories or IGTV, but still Instagram has become a growing race. I have the impression that Girls are competing in more and more beautiful photos, more and more Followers or hearts under the pictures. You can often see similar photos (do you also start each day with coffee?) Or descriptions. I have the impression that Instagram is increasingly losing that 'something' that made it stand out from Facebook.

Vero application - what is it?

I have long started looking for an alternative to Instagram, as well as the possibility of reaching readers outside Poland (9 years of blogging, you need to go further). In foreign forums, many people mentioned the Vero application, which is why I decided to install it. The Vero app is very similar to Instagram. At the beginning it was hard for me to switch, and I could not find my profile (now I know that by clicking on the main picture I will go to the profile preview). The app is free and in a few seconds you can install it on your phones. You will find it easily in the App Store. Look for an app with the 'V' logo on a black background. Telephone calls - for verification, you must enter your telephone number, which will be followed by an activation code (necessary for registration).

[fvplayer src = ”https://dpblog.pl/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/jak-vailac-z-aplikacji-vero.mov” width = ”272 ″ height =” 480 ″] How to use the application vero?

I mentioned earlier that Vero is very similar to IG. Already for the first minutes of using this application you can draw conclusions that it is actually a copy of Instagram, which is a little bit improved. You can add on your profile not only photos or videos (as in the case of IG), but also recommend books or music (I love this option. Whenever I see something cool, I recommend it to my Followers).

In Vero, just like on IG, you can add hashtags and use them to search for content you are interested in (using the magnifying glass, at the top). Interestingly, you already have statistics in the application, you don't have to have a business account, as in the case of Instagram. In the 'Collections' tab next to the profile you will find photos, links and profile recommendations that you follow or with which you entered into a relationship.

Will Vero replace Instagram?

I hope so, because IG is getting bigger and bigger. Of course, I still love the profiles of some Girls who, in my opinion, do a great job (e.g. jeanneadamas or my beloved: Mimi Ikonn and songofstyle), nevertheless, I can see Girls who become Influencers overnight because they bought 60 thousand. followers on Allegro - I want to shout that this is not what it's all about! (I wrote recently about as influencers combine to gain anything ). Besides, just like Facebook's glorious times, Instagram will eventually end, it's inevitable. People nowadays are bored quickly (you remember the great craze for catching Pokemon, today nobody remembers it anymore) and they are looking for more and more new things.

Currently, our profile on Vero (dpblogpl) is following 14 Followers, and with 4 I am in a relationship called Connections. I cordially invite you to follow our profile, because with time I suspect that we will stop using IG at all (I'm tired of increasing trimming ranges, as well as increasing pressure on buying continuous ads to reach even my Followers, because I'm not talking about new observers). Unfortunately, at the moment you can not start the Vero app on your computer or there is no WordPress widget yet (we were looking for it), so to find us you need to install the Vero application and enter 'dpblogpl' in the magnifying glass.