Mizon Vita Lemon Sparkling Peeling Gel - why you should know this peeling?

Mizon Vita Lemon Sparkling Peeling Gel reviews

I have already mentioned the Vita Lemon peeling on the blog while posting about Mizon products that are worth knowing (click). Nevertheless, I would like to say something more about it, because this product is a really big surprise.

If anyone was at the Mizon Polska stand at a Korean cosmetics conference, they know that when asked which product I recommend, I answered "this" and showed Vita Lemon peeling. Although I wasn't convinced at first, I was persuaded by the owner of Mizon Polska. Now I regret that I thought for so long about whether to use it.
My skin does not like enzyme peels, which is why I was afraid that this product would not work on my face. Oh, how wrong I was ...

How to use Mizon Vita Lemon Sparkling Peeling Gel?

Vita Lemon peeling is suitable for all skin types. The description that you will find on the Mizon Polska website (especially information about perfect cleansing) is not fake 😉 This product really cleans and in a way that I have never experienced.
The product is applied to dry, cleansed skin (I add a little water) and begin to massage. After a few seconds we will feel lumps under our fingers - that's how our skin is! For this peeling, immediate action is 100% truth. After the massage, we rinse the peeling and our dead skin with water and enjoy perfectly smooth skin.

After peeling, I rinse my face with tonic and apply moisturizing cream. If you have dry skins - this product is for you. You will get rid of them after the first use.

When I first came into contact with this product, I was so shocked that I immediately called Piotr and tested the peeling on his skin. The effect was the same. After the peeling, the skin was as smooth as a baby's bottom, which I did not experience after any other peeling. This product works IMMEDIATELY and the effects are surprising.
This peeling won an award Allure 2015. In an interview with the owner of Mizon Polska, I learned that this is one of the company's top products and the best-selling Mizon cosmetic in Poland. Honestly? I'm not surprised why.
Do you know this scrub? Let me know what you think about him. Did it surprise you so positively?