What do you walk around the house?

After reading the book "At home, Madame Chic" I began to think about my home image.
home clothes

For me, the topic of home clothes is obvious - from an early age I remember that as soon as we came home, my sister and I changed into clothes that were intended for home use only (I used to throw garbage in them or jump into nearby store, but they were not suitable for meeting friends).

From my perspective, it is difficult to understand people who cook in the same clothes as they go to work / school. Piotr laughs that in the kitchen I am a pure Italian - something will drip here, something will get dirty (it is usually me).
I have always preferred a home outfit. In home clothes I have to feel at ease and loose, which is why I often choose tunics and leggings or shorts or tracksuits.
But let's look at it from the point of view of hygiene. I can't imagine sitting on the sofa in pants in which I sit in public transport. I don't know who was sitting there in front of me. In my opinion, this argument speaks for the fact that after returning home at least change the pants at home and not spread bacteria throughout the house. Below are cool leggings, perfect not only for walking around the house. Cupcake leggings are super cute!
A lot of people associate home clothes with a stretched tracksuit and a wide sweatshirt, i.e. clothes that we wore, for example, every day, and one day because they no longer look good - they became home clothes. However, this is not necessarily the case.

I usually buy my home clothes at H&M or Cubus. There you can find really cool and comfortable clothes that are great for the role of home. I have a set with H&M myself - a sweatshirt with Mickey and Minnie mouse, and gray leggings. It is comfortable and the sweatshirt is suitable for colder days. Below I toss you cool sweatshirts that will definitely work in home stylizations. Sweatshirt with a bear sweep!

Yes, I am not in favor of spending a fortune on clothes in which I usually see my husband and rabbit, or neighbor / neighbor, but I also don't think that home clothes must be ugly. Comfortable yes, ugly definitely not.

There are so many possibilities for neat home clothes that we do not have to limit ourselves to the above-mentioned worn tracksuit. Home clothing doesn't have to be boring! I don't know about you, but I love home-made, comfortable styles and immediately after coming home I change into leggings and wear a sweatshirt (on cooler days). Slippers also required. I can't imagine walking around the house, although I know some people practice it.

At the beginning of September I bought Pegia Naturally wool slippers at TK Maxx. They are great!

Are you in favor of home clothing, or do you rather not change after coming home?