Six months after diagnosing hypothyroidism

Exactly half a year ago I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. Actually, it was accidental, because if it wasn't for my gynecologist who referred me to the examination - I would still know nothing.
After doing a TSH blood test and basic morphology, it turned out that something was wrong. TSH was heavily elevated. After receiving the results, I registered with a GP who immediately referred me to an endocrinologist.
Unfortunately dates to the endocrinologist at the NFZ were so distantthat I decided to pay a visit to a recommended doctor. At the visit to the endocrinologist, I told about my general well-being, hair loss and other symptoms that I did not even associate with the disease.
Before the visit, I paid FT3 and FT4 morphology, because a nice lady in registration told me that it is better to do it now than to come to the visit and only then receive a referral. I am very grateful to her because I would pay PLN 150. for nothing, and so I went to the first visit with the whole set of tests (TSH + FT3 + FT4 + thyroid ultrasound) and treatment could be started.
After analyzing the tests, the doctor prescribed euthyrox 25 - one of the most famous thyroid medicines. I had to dose it for a week for half a tablet, and after a week to start swallowing one. Another visit in 3 months with current blood tests that the doctor gave me.


I am very grateful to my gynecologist for referring me to the tests. Thanks to it, I finally know what's wrong with me and what, among others was to blame for my malaise. I am currently taking 1,5 euthyrox tablets during the week and 1 tablets on weekends.
I feel better - my hair in combination with proper care they don't fall out so much anymore. Unfortunately, I forget about taking euthyrox (you have to take 30 minutes before eating, for example) and I have to watch it because I feel a difference in mood when I don't take euthyrox - I'm terribly drowsy then.
Today a lot of people have thyroid problems, so if you notice any symptom in your home that indicates its malfunction - it's worth doing a blood test and then see a doctor for professional help.