Why do I still have dry skin?

Dry skin, especially in winter, is not unusual. If we also struggle with a skin allergy - this is common.
But dry skin can be harnessed, although it's not as easy with skin allergies as it seems. However, it is not worth giving up, there is a way for everything;)

Today, I would like to share with you my ways to fight dry skin. A person who is a skin allergic and has quite a problem with it.

First of all - not only allergy sufferers, but also people who have no problem with allergies and have dry skin, must avoid body washing products with SLS. Believe me, since I started to pay attention to the compositions of products that I use, the condition of my skin has improved a lot.
Currently, shower balms and shower oils have appeared on the market. I admit that I haven't used this type of products yet, but as soon as I run out of Oriflame Eco shower gel I will definitely buy Isana dush ol oil. I am very curious about its action and smell, which is quite loud (apparently its smell is associated with the smell of fish ...).
The second issue is moisturizing after washing.
It is very important to moisturize the skin after bathing / showering. I use babydream fur mama oil for this purpose. And I have to admit that since I gave up body lotions / butters and switched to olives - my skin has revived. At the moment I really need a small amount of olive oil to cover my entire skin. It is enough for me to moisturize my body once a day. Even my allergist recently praised the condition of my skin;)
In winter (when we unscrew radiators) it is worth using a humidifier. I bought my moisturizing good few years ago and still works well during the heating season. Neither me nor my rabbit have problems with excessive dryness (rabbits have very sensitive skin. When the air is too dry, so-called dandruff appears, i.e. excessive dryness of the skin. Not only we, Dear Ladies, suffer during the heating season;)).
Water, water and water again. Because it is not enough to moisturize the body from the outside. It is also good to moisturize properly from the inside. Herbal teas or water are perfect for this. Although in winter I am not a fan of drinking water. I feel much better with warm teas than cold water;)
Until spring!