How to cure acne?

Where to buy darsonval
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On average, every 2 days I get from you a question about what it is darsonval. That's why I decided to answer this question on the pages of D&P blog.

What is darsonval?

Darsonval has been my huge friend for years. For the first time I learned about it from a acquaintance of a beautician who gave me 10-minute treatment with darosnval. I had then terrible acne. This device made a huge impression on me - after the first treatment the skin looked different. She was muted.
15 zlotys cost me one darosnval treatment. I was supposed to come to the beautician once a week for 3 months. Then once every 2 weeks to maintain the effect. This amount began to get quite large on a longer scale, so I started looking for an alternative. Then I bought my darsonval.

What does darsonval work on?

I hesitated for a long time whether to order darsonval, but I was convinced by the opinions about it. Darsonval works not only on acne, but also other ailments (including herpes) and hair growth. A detailed description can be found here i here.

It was a great decision. I use Darsonval regularly (I've had a break the last year because I was wearing a permanent camera) and I really see the results. Darsonvalem I destroy not only pimplesthat appear on my face, but also herpes (he haunts me from time to time). If anyone in the family or a friend asks me how I treated my acne, I answer: darsonval.

Darsonval is not just skin problems on the face. Darsonval can cure dandruff, fight hair loss and greasy hair, or accelerate hair growth. You can also find Darsonval in the fight against mimic wrinkles and discoloration. You can see more applications here

Fighting acne with a male eye

Unwanted, disliked, hated. He always drives us crazy. Acne, because we can talk about it, can occur as youthful, mature, induced or professional. Its varieties can be exchanged a dime a dozen.

acne skin treatment
Fighting acne

By way of introduction - the story described below has one goal: to motivate all those who have already tried to fight but who died in battle. I will prove that you must never give up and pursue your goal. In the period of getting, I never had major problems with my complexion. Everything changed when I entered adult life. Studies, work, stress, diet. Each of these elements had a negative effect on my body. Acne was getting worse when I was experiencing stressful situations.
Visits to the dermatologist did not bring the intended effect. Only for the duration of the treatment improvement was visible. The face was muted. Later it was time to use products with acid from the Bandi series. The effect was satisfactory, but after a few months the problem with acne intensified. When I thought that I had exhausted all the possibilities - in the beauty salon I found out what mistakes I made in daily care. In my case, the wrong wheel was to use products that caused excessive drying of the skin (including acids). During puberty, the biggest sin was my use of whitening paste (yes, yes to teeth) in order to dry acne lesions.
My skin type is combination skin. That's why I tried to get a matte skin effect all the time. The problem is that bad habits led to a worsening of the skin and new inflammation. At first I was not convinced how to oily and already oily skin? And yet it was worth it. Thanks to a series of treatments, Mrs. Iwona did wonders. The problem I was struggling with for a long time disappeared within two months.
I must admit that if it wasn't for the fact that I co-run a blog on such topics, I probably would not go to a beautician for a long time. Believe me, dear gentlemen, it is a shame not to be taken care of than to go to a professional cosmetician.
Let's not hide, but our appearance on the impact on our interpersonal relationships. We feel better and more confident. In business contacts, a healthy and well-groomed appearance also has a better effect on our perception. Unfortunately, that's the truth and I'm not afraid to write it.

What should you do if you have skin problems:

  • go to a dermatologist / professional cosmetician,
  • conduct an interview / consultation,
  • regularly attend cosmetic procedures,
  • introduce new habits and be persistent.