WaterMax Aqua Gel Cream Mizon review

WaterMax Aqua Gel Cream Mizon review
WaterMax Aqua Gel Cream Mizon review

Mixed and oily skin needs a proper dose of hydration. My mixed and capricious complexion, when I dry it, immediately reacts with rash, especially on the cheeks and chin. That is why I try to make sure that it is never over-dried, because I know what it will end with.

To properly moisturize my skin, I reach for the Water Max Mizon cream, because it is light, smells nice and is a really good dose of hydration.
I love this cream primarily because it is light, absorbs quickly and does not leave a greasy layer on the skin (which I do not like very much). Its consistency is gel-like and reminds me of the cream I used a long time ago - Biotherm Aquasource. I really liked this cream precisely because it was distinguished by its lightness and creamy gel consistency. Unfortunately it was very expensive.
Mizon cream is great for combination skin. In the summer, when there were very dry and hot days, I applied a thicker layer to the skin. I felt my skin gratefully absorb the product. I will tell you my secret - once a week I apply a thicker layer of cream (by patting it) for the night. After waking up, my skin is perfectly moisturized and looks very fresh.
The product is very efficient. I have a second month of 125 ml packaging, and I used half of the packaging. A small amount of cream is enough to cover the forehead, nose, cheeks and chin. I also apply the cream to the neck and décolleté.
The product is also available in a smaller tube, which I take on trips. The 125 ml packaging is large and quite heavy, the tube version is better for traveling.
Mizon cream works great with Bandi with mandelic acid. I apply Mizon for the day and Bandi 4 days a week for the night, 1 once a week for the night I apply WaterMax.