Healthy, vegan butter substitutes

Vegan butter substitutes
Vegan butter substitutes

When I was not on a vegetarian diet I did not eat butter or margarine. I have eaten 'dry sandwiches' for years, as my grandparents said. Switching to a veg diet, I found several butter substitutes that calmly replace them. Even I - a person who does not eat butter often use these spreads. Below you will find vegan butter substitutes that are not only tasty, but also healthy. Let me know in the comments what you use on a vegan diet instead of butter spreads sandwiches.


This is my great discovery on a veg diet. We can make any kind of paste with avocados, but also avocados taste great crushed with salt and pepper, as well as a few drops of lemon juice. We also often eat thinly sliced ​​avocados and then season them on the sandwich.
In addition to taste, avocados are rich in unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E, antioxidants, lutein and folates. It is therefore good to enter avocados in the daily menu.

Coconut oil

Is used by most often. It's the perfect and healthy butter substitute. Just spread the bread with coconut oil, put a lettuce leaf, a slice of tomato and sprinkle with chives or finely chopped red onion.
At home I have two coconut oils - unrefined (healthier) and refined (less healthy). We use refined coconut oil for sandwiches, frying or pouring potatoes or puree, and unrefined (the one with the coconut flavor and smell) for sweet dishes. The smell of coconut is so intense that I do not like combining unrefined coconut oil with tomato or pickled cucumber.
Coconut oil is unfortunately expensive (unrefined), but it has a lot of health properties - coconut oil is highly recommended for thyroid problems. So if you have thyroid problems, be sure to reach for coconut oil.

Peanut butter

I could write about nut butter for hours. However, I will try to shorten my statement to a few sentences. I love peanut butter. If you buy them - be sure to look at the composition. Many peanut-like butter products do not belong to the healthiest ones. Especially if you see palm oil or salt in the composition. So choose peanut butter with 100% peanuts. I recommend, for example, betterchoice. You can also make peanut butter yourself. Just blend peanuts to the desired consistency. Just check if your blender will last. I have Maxomixx MSM88190 and gives advice.
You can add peanut butter to cocktails, as a spread for pancakes or all kinds of pancakes or even banana ice cream (with the addition of peanut butter they are insane! I recommend adding a bit of Himalayan salt to the nicecream banana, because it will deepen the taste of nuts even more).

olive oil

It's a great substitute for butter in all kinds of recipes. Extra virgin olive oil is referred to as 'extra vergine'. It is the healthiest, so if you like oil, reach for this type only. Not from pomace or the like. Olive oil is rich in vit. E and helps cleanse the body of toxins. It is worth introducing it to your daily menu.