Sardinia - holidays in the era of coronavirus

This year's vacation is unusual. Most people decided to spend them in Poland (is it really safer than trips abroad? I would argue). We also put off our trip to the last minute, which is why we chose the Last Minute offer for Sardinia. As a reminder - in May we were supposed to go to City Break in France. It was supposed to be a short trip to Nice and the surrounding area - Cannes and Monaco. Unfortunately, due to the current situation, our trip did not take place. Today the situation is a bit different and it is possible to travel (of course, everything is reasonable and safe). However, returning to our vacation, we agreed that we are going to beloved Italy. This is how we spent 8 wonderful days in Sardinia. As a reminder - last year we were in Milano Marittima (Adriatic Coast). We visited closer (Cervia, Ravenna) and further surroundings - Florence or San Marino.

Porto San Paolo - paradise beaches like in the Maldives

As I mentioned before - this holiday was different than any other. And we also approached them differently. There were 1000 photos and Instagram stories. We and wonderful Sardinia mattered. It is true that we were a bit angry that the optional trip to the Costa Smeralda did not take place, but this is not a bad thing. We could have spent more time carefree swimming in the crystal clear water and caring for the tan (which I feel is fading away with each passing day). We rested not only mentally, but also physically despite the high physical activity (we walked the length and width of the area).

spiaggia di coralina beach sardinia

Porto San Paolo is a small fishing village near the town of Olbia (there is an airport there which is very close to Porto San Paolo) in the northeastern part of Sardinia. The most beautiful beach that we liked to visit in the area is spiaggia di coralina. It is located approximately 15 minutes from the hotel where we were (San Paolo, which we do not recommend). Spiaggia di coralina is simply insane! Soft sand and azure, crystal clear water are really impressive.

Italy vegetation flowers

Sardinia means not only beautiful beaches and a guarantee of wonderful weather (it was windy only once during the whole trip), but also lush vegetation. Various types of palm trees, cacti as well as beautiful flowers. Can you not fall in love with Italy?

What is worth eating while in Sardinia?

Sardinia is also delicious food! Porto San Paolo is really intimate - a few restaurants (we especially recommend the one next to Hotel Il faro di Molara, because there is delicious pizza there! And Ristorante Il Portalndo, where it is worth to sit with a glass of wine and admire the beauty of Isola di Tavolara, i.e. the island of Tavolara). Being in San Paolo, you cannot miss the best ice cream in the city - Gelateria da Mimmo. And don't be surprised that after sunset you will be standing in a long line - it's worth it! Honestly, it has the best ice cream in Italy (it even broke the ice cream in Florence next to the Chanel boutique). Just watch out for the mysterious fruit called myrtle. Taking myrtle ice cream (it only said in Italian, so I didn't know what it was), I was sure I was buying blueberry ice cream. Nothing could be more wrong. Myrtle tastes a bit like… juniper. It is very aromatic and completely unpalatable as ice cream.

Isola di Tavolara view from Porto San Paolo

There are also 3 supermarkets in the village - the most recommended is Dettori Market Crai Rete, because it is best stocked with fresh fruit, vegetables, Italian sweets and crisps (sorry, I love Italian crisps!) With olive oil. There you can also buy the famous pane carasau, i.e. Sardinian bread (which is also brilliant as a snack on the beach) with olive oil or rosemary. Strength breads are usually served in sauces, and sprinkled with olive oil and sprinkled with coarse salt, it becomes a tasty snack called - pane guttiau. You can find Pane Carasu in every store in Sardinia. It tastes a bit like maca.

Sardinia also means regional dishes, e.g. culurgiones, which is something that I personally liked to taste something between dumplings and dumplings. There was stuffing inside and the whole thing was covered with tomato sauce. A very tasty dish worth trying. Of course, Italy is the kingdom of pasta, so this one could not be missing here - malloreddus, a Sardinian pasta resembling gnocchi, usually served with tomato sauce and meat (we ate the meatless version, of course) is really tasty.

Safe travel during the coronavirus

We wondered for a long time whether a holiday outside Poland this year is a good idea. However, we decided to fly to a place that was safe at that moment (in Sardinia on the day of our departure there were only 35 cases of coronavirus confirmed). And I will continue to insist that Sardinia was safer than the Baltic Sea, where no safety standards are met. I have the impression that in Poland we have loosened the rules a bit too much, which is reflected in the increasing number of cases. Let's remember that the coronavirus is still taking its toll and we must be vigilant all the time and take care not only of our own but also of others' health. In Italy this is very respected - throughout our stay we did not see ANYONE who entered the shop without a mask. Unfortunately, we see such people in Poland very often.

white dress for summer

On our Instagram @dpblogpl There were a lot of questions about traveling abroad in the era of coronavirus, so I decided to write a little about it. Of course, I note that this is how it looks like at the moment, I do not know what will happen in a week, two or even more a month.

Entry to the Chopin airport is possible only with a boarding pass. As a curiosity, I would like to add that anyone can enter the airport in Olbia. When you check your boarding pass, the temperature is also measured. It is obligatory to wear masks both at the airport and during the flight, we also had to have a mask on the bus that took us to the hotel. We flew with a travel agency, so we did not worry about certain issues, such as "what if the borders close". Contrary to popular belief, returning home in the event of border closure is not at the expense of taxpayers, but under insurance. We took out additional insurance which included higher medical costs. Better safe than sorry, especially since the current situation is very uncertain.

Sardinia sunset

After the hotel, as well as in the canteen, there was also an obligatory mask, and dishes, contrary to what we are used to, were served by the service. Despite this whole situation, the staff was very nice and did not give the impression that we were traveling during the epidemic.


Sardinia is magical and it is worth visiting this place not only once. If you are looking for a place for a quiet vacation (lounging on the beach and splashing in the azure water), Sardinia is where you will find everything you want. You don't have to take warm clothes with you, because in Sardinia there are over 300 days of sunshine. Just take a large filter with you, because the Sardinian sun likes to catch it by surprise.

Milano Marittima - the perfect place for an Italian holiday

Return from our Italian vacation in Milano Marittima was a hard landing (and it's not about the flight, because it went without complaint). Simply overload of duties overwhelmed us a bit - it was not a gradual switch from "vacation" mode to "everyday life".

If you follow us on Instagram (I encourage you to follow Instagram profile dpblogpl, if you haven't done it yet), you know that before the holidays I was terrified of the weather forecast. According to forecasts, it was supposed to rain all the time. Fortunately, this did not work, only on Friday Italy greeted us with rain, cloudy and quite cold air. Fortunately, already in the evening the weather improved and we could go for a walk around the area. The rest of the days were really sunny and hot, as evidenced by our tan.

This post will be one of four about holidays in Italy. In this article you will learn whether it is worth visiting Milano Marittima, what to see in the area, and where to stay in Mima (Milano Marittima).

Milano Marittima - why did we go there?

A lot of people asked why we went to Milano Marittima - after all, this place is not so popular. Well, this place is very popular among Italians - it is often said that Italians come to this resort from Milan (hence the name of this place). The Adriatic Riviera is characterized by beautiful sandy beaches. In addition, there are many beautiful places around Milano Marittima. Above all, we wanted to take a break from the hustle and everyday life, which we managed one hundred percent. On journey we chose the beginning of September, because after the season there is peace and quiet, as well as a huge amount of greenery (we needed that). September is also a great time for vacation, because the temperatures in Italy are still high (of course, Italians are already wearing jackets), and the number of tourists is much smaller than in July or August.

The town of Milano Marittima itself is not very big, but everyone will find something for themselves. There are many boutiques (also with bags and clothes Chanel, Gucci or Dior).

A few minutes from the Doge Hotel is a beautiful beach promenade, which in the morning served us for morning walks after breakfast, while in the evening for romantic walks by the moonlight.

Hotel Doge in Milano Marittima

O Hotel Doge I could talk for hours. The way we were received exceeded my wildest expectations. But let me start with the fact that the hotel itself is located closer to the town of Cervia (walk about fifteen minutes). Surrounded by beautiful greenery, three pools (two for children and one for adults), as well as a few minutes to the beach relax really wonderful. If you choose, like us, a room with a sea view - every day you will be woken by the sound of the Adriatic Sea and a beautiful view of the countryside, beach and water. I would give a lot to wake up every day and have such a view outside the window.

The hotel has a lot of Italians, which is why we catch the "Italian atmosphere". You will not forget that these are Italian holidays, when the staff greets you with good morning - Buongiorno, and in the evening wish you a good night - Buona notte.

One of the days I will remember for a long time was the Saturday aperitif. Extremely warm evening (in September mornings and evenings in Milano Marittima were quite cool), tasty snacks, a glass of chilled prosseco and live music played by a delightful Italian (at my request he played the melody twice from my favorite film Amelia - I was really touched) .

Food in Italy - what and where to try

A very important point that I could not fail to mention was food. I think we were the only people in the hotel on a plant-based diet, and yet we did not starve (I often hear that in hotels plant diet is something strange). Food at the Doge Hotel exceeded my wildest expectations - we were surprised by creative dishes every day (a few of them below) that not only looked beautiful but were also very tasty.

During our Italian holidays I learned to celebrate meals. In Poland, I often used to eat breakfast or dinner in a few minutes (because something important is to be done), now I try to devote more time to meals. The dish below is a seitan with pineapple, which I feel was marinated in something (insanity!). On the right is sweet and sour sauce, which was the proverbial icing on the cake. It was the best meal we've ever had.

what vegan seitan eat

Having dinner in Italy (the meal was between 19: 30-21: 30), we sometimes spent an hour or more in the hall. And it had nothing to do with the fact that you had to wait a long time for dishes (quite the opposite!). In addition, before the meal there was an aperitif, which consisted mainly of light appetizers or fruit. And if we are already with fruit - you know that I do not like fruit. Well, in Italy they were my main ingredient in breakfast, as well as dessert. I never ate pineapples or figs that I ate at the Doge Hotel. The pineapple was so sweet that it killed all desire for something sweet. Whereas figs ... I could write about them for hours. I never liked figs that I ate in Poland. Today I know that they are simply distasteful. Good figs are very sweet and melt in your mouth. For dessert, we also ate almond cake, which was baked special for us (of course in the vegan version). That was really nice.

In Italy, I also learned to eat a sweet breakfast (this is often practiced there), which was unthinkable before. Of course, even during the holidays I remembered about supplementation - WIMIN PMS he accompanied me every morning during the Italian breakfast.

WIMIN supplements are very convenient because the portion for each day is in separate sachets. In one sachet there are 4 capsules, which we ingest during a meal. The WIMIN supplement sachets are very light, so you avoid excess baggage, even when you go on a two-week vacation 😉

When we spent the day in Milano Marittima, not on an optional trip, during the day on the beach we came to the place where the piadina was sold. This is nothing but a wheat cake with filling. Even here we found the vegan version - with baked eggplant, zucchini and paprika. Of course, Piadina also comes in a meat version and, as we have noticed, the most popular version was the stuffed version from the province of Emilia-Romagna. Piadina is also sold in a sweet version (with chocolate or jam), but we have not tried this version.

Being in Italy you must try gelato, which is real Italian ice cream. Of course, most ice cream is milky, but all fruity is vegan. I don't like sorbets, but Italian fruit ice cream is completely different than sorbets sold in Poland. The ones that can be found in Poland are very watery, while the Italian ones are ... creamy. We ate the best fig ice cream Florence (around the Chanel boutique). The portion we got was so huge that we couldn't eat them together!

The best snack during a hot day are tomatoes. Italian tomatoes have the taste of those that are the tastiest in summer in Poland - they are very ripe and sweet. Small tomatoes (cherry type) are especially tasty. Instead of unhealthy things, we often ate them.

Differences between pizza in Poland and Italy

In terms of pizza, because many of you have asked about real Italian pizza. The case of pizza looks like it is sold in pieces in most places - it is a thick crust pizza with various stuffing. This type of pizza is even sold in bakeries or supermarkets (seriously, you can buy it everywhere). On average, you'll pay 2 euros for a piece of pizza. Traditional pizza, as we know it, can be eaten in restaurants. The best pizza we had was in Florence. I loved the pizza in Ravenna the least, because it was more like a piadi pizza than a traditional one. Piadi pizza is very thin and has very hard edges (it is very difficult to cut). This pizza was also quite ... dry and even very tasty olive oil did not save her.

In Italy, you don't eat pizza with garlic or barbeque sauces (which we are used to in Poland). Instead, high-quality pizzas are topped with oil. Another difference about pizza in Poland and Italy is that the pizza sauce is made from fresh tomatoes. In Poland, it is usually prepared from canned tomatoes or passata.


In the next article about our Italian holidays you will learn about the nearby towns that are worth visiting while in Milano Marittima.