Piwna 47 is a vegan-friendly place on the Tricity map

A few days ago we were implementing the last campaign in the Tri-City (if you are not following our Instagram profile, you probably do not know that March 14 is moving to Warsaw). We thought about moving out almost 2 years ago, then an entry was made about how we were one leg in Warsaw. Piwna 47 Restaurant is a really interesting vegan-friendly place on the Tri-City map.

Interior of the Piwna 47 restaurant

What can you eat vegan in Piwna 47?

Certain circumstances changed our decision, so we could meet in Beer 47. To be honest, I wouldn't suspect that this place was where you can eat vegan and in addition delicious! In addition to a tasty dinner consisting of a sweet potato cutlet with sesame seeds, red lentil purée, confit cherry tomatoes and green pepper mousse, we got dessert - a tartlette on shortcrust pastry made of almond and coconut flour with raspberry jelly (with agar) on a pudding with millet fruit. The dessert was followed by a very interesting lecture and tasting of vegan wines.

Beer 47 main course

Gdańsk Piwna 47 restaurant

Food and Wine vegan dinner

Vegan fruit tartalette

Not every wine is vegan - how do you recognize it?

Do you know that not every wine is vegan ?! It did not occur to me, which is why I suspect that more than once I drank wine that was clarified by ingredients of animal origin. Now I know what to look for - it's very simple. Vegan wines they will have a label on the bottle that they are vegan, which means that no animal ingredients were used for clarification (gelatin is the best sounding, others sound terrible). In addition, vegan wines are wines that are not clarified at all. Such wines are easier to find in wine stores than in supermarkets and hypermarkets. Therefore, Piwna 47 is a great vegan-friendly place on the Tri-City map.

Vegan red wine

Styling at Piwna 47

We would not be ourselves if we did not use the beautiful interior in the restaurant for styling. For dinner I chose a black Mint & Berry dress that I bought at Zalando some 2 years ago, dotted tights (I showed them here) and black boots over the knee Karino, which you can buy here (they are very comfortable) and are now on the promotion -23%

I chose my new Zara purse, which I got from Piotr for Valentine's Day. As soon as I saw her, I knew I had to have her. It wasn't easy, because it was no longer available, but what is Allegro for? It was there that I found the perfect purse.

Grissini perfect starter before the main course

Gdansk cranes in Vogue Poland

Dominika in a polka-dot dress

Interior of Piwna 47 Food and Wine restaurant

Sweet potato cutlet eaten by Domi

Dominika drinks vegan latte coffee

A glass of red vegan wine

little black dress and beret with pearls

Dominika with vegan latte coffee and Vogue magazine

Dominika in a polka-dot dress

Beret with pearls - Stradivarius

Pearl earrings - Apart

Dress - Mint & Berry

Dot tights - Zalando

Suede boots over the knee - Karino

Purse with pearls - Zara