Who else wants you to go back to normal nutrition?

As you know, I don't eat meat since June. However, I consume honey. Over time, I would like to eliminate milk derivatives, among others cheese, kefir, buttermilk etc. I try to put aside this by eating less and less often.
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Several times I showed you easy recipes, among others zucchini casserole from the time when I ate meat and a recipe for homemade bread. Since then, my diet has changed a bit, which is why I would like to present to you today recipes for several dishes without meat, which are simple and quick.
1. macaroni casserole
This casserole is made in the same way as the one with zucchini, but instead of porridge I use whole grain pasta or from time to time potatoes. I cook pasta, lubricate the sheet with rapeseed oil, pour out the pasta, and for this selected vegetables. It is often a ready mix of frozen vegetables, to which I add what I have, e.g. carrots, onions, etc.
2. Baked Sweet Potatoes
Peel the sweet potatoes like regular potatoes, then cut into slices approximately 3 cm thick and put on a baking tray lined with baking paper. We bake the sweet potatoes around 10-15 minutes at 150 degrees. We serve the dish with salad, e.g. from sauerkraut or sliced ​​red beetroot.
3. Baked beans without meat
It's a very simple dish, and how tasty. All you have to do is buy Jas' bean and soak it all night. In the morning we pour out the water and throw the beans into the pot. Pour water over the beans. We cook until tender. After cooking, we do not pour water, but add canned tomatoes or if you prefer tomato paste or tomato paste (I recommend tomato paste from Rossmann. It is delicious!). We add 2 tablespoons marjoram, 3 bay leaves, salt, pepper, a teaspoon of oregano. Sometimes I also add dried basil, because I like a mixture of spices;) We cook from time to time stirring. A delicious, filling dish that doesn't really need a single gram of meat!
We can freeze the cooked beans in tomato sauce.
4. Toasts with soy pate, tomato and red onion
It is a very simple and tasty dish ideal for breakfast or dinner. We buy toasted bread with grains, smear the slice with your favorite soy pate. We put a slice of tomato on the slice, which we sprinkle with diced red onion. Bake. After removing, we put a fresh basil leaf. Pride!
5. Oyster mushrooms with onion
I really like oyster mushrooms. I often make them pork chops, but also with porridge.
Cut the oyster mushrooms into strips and fry. We add onion cut into feathers. Fry it all. Just lightly season with salt and pepper. We put a portion on previously cooked groats (I recommend pearl or buckwheat unroasted).
I hope that thanks to the above note you will be able to see the benefits of vegetarianism. Feel free to try my recipes :) If you have any nice and quick recipes for meatless dishes, be sure to share them in the comment.

Vegetarian diet is not scary at all! My veggie story

Today, the post is not related to cosmetics, but to my diet. I get a lot of questions about vegetarian diet, and more precisely why I went vegetarian, what I eat, etc.

Well, I would like to say that after 4 months of being on a vegetarian diet I feel great and I do not lack meat, although once I could not imagine meatless dishes.

I put the meat down overnight. This idea has long been born in my head, but I had no "motivation" to give up meat dishes completely.
And although some people think that vegetarianism, veganism will equate to the fact that the weight will go down, unfortunately I have to worry, because my weight is still the same as before switching to vegetarianism :)

I actually became a vegetarian by the day. The motivation to switch to a vegetarian diet was primarily my body, but also P.'s support.
I went to vegetarianism for the first time after watching the program, probably, "Attention", which showed a loud scandal of old cold cuts, sausages, etc. by Konspol (by the way I saw the products of this company in one of the chain stores ... the name of this company will never arouse trust in me).
Disgust after this program went on, but in a typical family of carnivores it was difficult to negotiate additional cooking of meatless dishes. This is how my first adventure with vegetarianism ended, which lasted 2 weeks.
Today, when I create my own home, I also decide what I eat and what I don't. I try to listen to my body, which often tells me what to eat and what to avoid. It was the same with meat. Actually, I gave it up overnight and I don't regret it. Earlier, when I ate meat, I often felt lumbering and stomach ache.
Today, my diet is based on a large amount of vegetables. I got to know the taste of eggplant and pumpkin again, but I also feel that my diet is more diverse nowadays. I eat a lot of groats (pearl, quinoa, couscous, roasted buckwheat), sometimes pasta with vegetable sauces, basil pesto, a lot of vegetables (pumpkins, eggplants, peppers, tomatoes ... whatever your heart desires). Since I started vegetarianism, I have noticed that I cook more creatively. For comparison, once my dinner consisted of a cutlet, potatoes and salad. Today if you asked me when I was eating potatoes, I would say I don't know. But for a few weeks I had oyster mushrooms for the first time in my life and I must say that they are very tasty! :)
Can I imagine going vegan? Definitely not, because I can not imagine life without cottage cheese and feta, which I love ... although on the other hand I could not imagine not eating meat half a year ago, so who knows ...
When it comes to the P. diet, because that's what you often ask, He also limits meat. It does not mean, however, that he does not eat it at all. From time to time he will eat chicken or another meat product for dinner. Instead, he doesn't eat cold meats, without which he couldn't imagine sandwiches a few months ago. I don't force him to vegetarian, but he doesn't sniff when I cook vegetarian dishes. Yesterday he tasted the pumpkin spaghetti that I made dinner;)
In the case of vegetarianism, the biggest problem for me is breakfast. As I only eat two dishes a day, breakfast and dinner around 17: 00 must be very filling. I usually eat this meal at work because I didn't eat breakfast at home as a child. I know, I know it's not healthy etc. but in the morning I prefer to sleep 10 minutes longer than thinking about what to eat here. The more that I do not like sweet meals (I can not eat them), so any porridge, etc. is out of the question.
I am not advocating anyone for a vegetarian diet, I think that it is the decision of each of you how you eat. Please take this note only as my experience with a vegetarian diet.
Maybe you have some nice, quick ideas for a vegetarian spicy breakfast?