How to go on a plant diet?

We have been on a plant diet since 2014. The beginnings were quite difficult, because we did not know what to cook and how to cook to provide all the necessary ingredients and vitamins. Piotr returned to the meat for the first month, there was no problem with my withdrawal - I gave up eating meat dishes overnight. Did I miss meat? No, but when I went to dinner with my family, the smell of my favorite dishes (e.g. stuffed cabbage) made me think about returning to eating meat.

vita centrum diet box

Rejection of animal ingredients in the plant diet

At first I gave up meat, then gradually began to discard more ingredients - eggs, fish or milk. The hardest part was cheese, because I couldn't imagine eating a pizza without cheese (fortunately I learned that there are vegan substitutes that are quite tasty). I can't imagine rejecting all the animal ingredients at once, it was much easier for me to do it gradually.

I have never rejected honey and I never planned it. Also, I avoid all animal ingredients.

Box diet in the 100% vegetable version

During 2 weeks, we tested a vegan diet box. This is a great convenience and time saving, but there are also other pros of this type of nutrition. First of all, the dishes are prepared so that we provide all the necessary ingredients. In addition, it's a great dose of inspiration when someone doesn't know what to eat on a vegan diet or has a crisis in cooking vegan dishes.

A huge plus of the box diet is eating 5 meals a day and I will tell you that I felt great eating regularly. And most importantly - I didn't snack, which is my huge bane when I cook alone. I have terrible habits that I got rid of thanks to the box diet. 2 weeks were enough, and my attitude towards food and thinking changed completely. I don't send Piotr to the store anymore for unhealthy snacks for a movie or I don't feel like eating unhealthy dishes, which I allowed myself from time to time.

During Vita Centrum box diet we got meals every evening in the evening. On Saturday we got meals for Sunday and Monday.

box diet

Caloric content and exclusions at the box diet

Piotr wanted to gain weight on a plant diet, which is why he chose the caloric content of 2500 kcal, while I chose 1600 kcal. We advised the dietitian before choosing calories, which I highly recommend.

With a box diet, we can always add exclusions if we are allergic to something or dislike something. My exclusion was parsley and celery (which I'm allergic to) and coriander, which I just don't like.

What did we eat during the vegan box diet?

We had 5 meals a day: breakfast, second breakfast, lunch, lunch and dinner. Dinner was always the biggest meal of the day. For breakfast, most often was whole wheat bread (with Piotr 2,5 slices, with 1,5 slices).

Breakfast: We received alternately sweet or savory breakfasts. Delicious was strawberry jam and pieces of pineapple and tangerine.

vita centrum breakfast set

II Breakfast: For the 2nd breakfast, we usually had something sweet, e.g. rafaello based on millet or home-made cherry jelly. For salty breakfasts, we ate fruit salads or drank mango, banana and kiwi smoothies with the addition of vegetable milk.

vita centrum lunch service

Lunch: After the second breakfast at 12: 00 we ate lunch. It was always a soup. The lentil and turmeric soup came to us the most, but also sorrel soup or cabbage soup. I even tried a carrot that I haven't eaten since I was a child.

vita centrum sorrel soup

Dinner: Lunches were very varied. It's definitely a plus that the meals have not doubled, because I am not a fan of monotonous dishes. I liked the Chinese cabbage stew, cassotto with mushrooms or vegan pizza with mushrooms, which you can see in the photo below. Spaghetti with tofu and dried tomatoes was also delicious. Piotr liked pasta with spinach and pizza.

vita centrum pizza

Supper: Piotr and I decided to have dinner around 18: 00. At the beginning we had a plan to eat it for 18: 00, but we ate dinner at 14: 30-15: 00 and before 18: 00 we were not yet hungry. One of the dishes for dinner that I remember with great taste were balls of green peas in black sesame seeds. It was delicious, although Piotr did not share my enthusiasm for this dish.

Pros and cons of the box diet

The undoubted advantage of the box diet is that we do not have to play counting calories, as well as a huge saving of time. The time I usually devote to cooking, during the box diet, I could devote to personal development or rest. In addition, the dishes are varied (during the 2 week test period, breakfast paste repeated only once) and carefully prepared.

The disadvantages definitely include the fact that the dishes may not meet our tastes. Fortunately, this only happened once in my case. Nevertheless, everyone has their own taste preferences and everyone will not always like everything. If you are thinking about a box diet, you can use test kit and see if the box diet is something for you.

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