Why is it not worth wearing acrylic hats?

In winter we have the same problem. Finding a hat or sweater with a good composition (at a good price) is almost a miracle. This year Piotr was looking for a hat again, but this time we told ourselves "no more acrylic hats".

Why is it not worth wearing them? Acrylic hats are usually very nice, as long as you can say something about hats (I'm not a fan of hats ...). For this they cause static hair and often the head sweats in them, which in turn does not lead to anything good. After removing the cap we can catch a cold, and even wearing such a hat is not pleasant, because the skin is sweating and, as a result, we are cold in the head.

I found however several wool products that are worth paying attention to. In winter, I love to wear wool, because it has thermal insulation properties (woolen clothes are simply warm), as well as hygroscopic - drains water (man does not sweat in woolen clothes). Minuses of wool must definitely include "biting" (that's why you should look for clothes with an addition, not 100% wool. Although I have in my closet a few 100% wool clothes that do not bite. It depends on the type of wool).

Below I have selected for you a few products with good composition and a decent price. Pay special attention to hats, this season with pompom hats are very fashionable, and very warm!

I haven't worn hats since last season. I bought emu earmuffsbecause my hair is covered after taking off the cap. Thanks to ear muffs my hair stays beautiful and I feel very warm. I bought it in TK Maxx this year emu wool slippers. They were much cheaper than emu slippers, and they are very similar. I showed them on Instagram. I am very happy with them because they are warm and my feet do not sweat.

I remain loyal to my emu chocolate (now in version lo). Previous emu (emu paterson mini) I was able to sell, so I could add and buy longer ones. These medium lengths are perfect, but maybe someday I will be tempted to use longer ones. We'll see.