Winter style of Parisians, or how to look stylish when it is cold

When it gets colder, girls wrapped around the tip of the nose appear in the streets. Most women stop paying attention to their clothing as soon as the temperature drops. I also used to do this often, but it resulted from several things: I wore bad quality clothes for many years, I did not pay attention to materials, and I felt permission for ugly and warm clothes when the temperature dropped below my limit of feeling heat. I began to wonder what the winter style of Parisians looks like. Here are some of the conclusions that I came to during my observations.

Pay attention to materials

There is more and more talk about paying attention to clothes. This is very good advice, because nice-looking things are often of poor quality. I'm not saying that good-quality clothes are ugly, but I have the impression that manufacturers often conceal a poor composition with their appearance. Returning to the winter version of me - believe me, my threshold of feeling cold is really exaggerated. I can feel cool when others wear short sleeves.


I made the first changes in the outer garment. I always wore down coats, in which I looked a little aesthetically. I felt a huge difference when I bought my first wool coat - my figure looked different and I felt more elegant. Today I can't imagine later autumn or winter in a coat that is not woolen or has no cashmere. Of course, you have to take into account that a good quality coat costs more than a down jacket (which in my case usually did not warm me at all), but it is worth investing in a good coat, because it will serve us for several years. I bought my previous coat 3 years ago. It was a black, classic coat (in this cut I look the best) of the Polish brand. This season I changed coat to grant coat with gold buttons from Massimo Dutti. It was love at first sight. Despite the high price, I do not regret buying it. It is perfectly cut and very warm.

Warm sweaters are another very important element of the wardrobe. And here also the chain stores tempt with beautiful sweaters, and when we see the composition it turns out that most of them are acrylic. Acrylic sweaters are not enough that they do not heat, but you sweat a lot in them. Wool and cashmere sweaters will definitely be the better choice. I usually choose cashmere, because in my opinion this material is nobler and looks more elegant. This season (watching the winter style of Parisians) for the first time I combined a gray cashmere sweater with a dress, as well as boots over the knee. It was a hit. It is also worth buying blouses with the addition of cashmere. Very cool, black body under the jacket, which in the composition has cashmere (it is really warm) I found in Intimissimi. Note, however, that there are two types (the more expensive PLN 10 has much more pleasant material to touch). The rule about paying attention materials also applies to hats, scarves and gloves. Here, too, choose wool or cashmere and avoid acrylic.

You don't have to dress for onions

Dressing for onions is very popular in Poland. I remember that since I was little my mother preferred this style of dressing me (because you can always take off one of the layers). Today, however, I reach for materials that do not require a thousand layers from me (the puzzle is solved ... I already know why, when I was little I always looked fat). For several seasons I have been trying to mix summer clothing with autumn-winter clothing. My wardrobe began to blur from the traditional division into clothes adapted to the season of the year. Following this way of thinking (and observing the winter style of Parisians) I joined last week floral dress with this stylization with black tights and black high heels. I also dress her with flat knee boots. In combination with them also looks very good. I observed this trick in a few Parisians, which I observe on Instagram. Many times, seeing their new photos, I thought that I had seen this dress somewhere. As it turned out later, it was a dress that they showed on warm days. From them I also spied a trick combining a dress and a cashmere sweater. I came to the conclusion that the winter style of Parisians is not significantly different from the summer. They can combine elements of their wardrobe with great success.

Beret - a must have for fall and winter

Since I fell in love with berets, I can't imagine them missing in my fall-winter styles. After I lost my wool beret with pearls, I bought another. This one has sewn pearls and anyone who has at least some sewing talent - can do it alone. Just a plain black beret, a few artificial pearls and a black thread. It's so easy, right? Unfortunately, I don't have manual skills, so I didn't take up this challenge, but I support you very much.

The beret not only perfectly protects our head from the cold (my grandmother always said that she freezes the most from the head. As a good granddaughter I listen to my grandmother), but she is also a great complement to the stylization. The most classic examples are black tubes, black, warm turtleneck and beret (it can be black with pearls or red). In such a combination you always look chic.


Below I have for you some inspiration from Pinterest how to dress in winter so that it is warm and fashionable.

woolen gray coat
Source: Pinterest The Fashion Spot
Chanel down jacket
Source: Pinterest Who What Wear
winter styling with a plaid coat
Source: Pinterest Popsugar
styling with a Chanel handbag
Source: Pinterest Bloglovin
What to wear in the winter to keep it warm and fashionable
Source: Pinterst Who What Wear
How to wear black opaque tights
Source: Pinterest Harper's Bazaar
Stylization with a beige skirt
Source: Pinterest Harper's Bazaar

Wool coat - where to buy cheaper and how to wear

The sales period has begun. At post-holiday sales, it's worth buying not only electronic equipment, but also good-quality clothes that are really expensive at the original price. For me, winter is the basis for warm clothes. I am a terrible cold man and I can freeze even at temperatures around 0 degrees.

Camel wool coat

"See also the post where I show how to wear wool sweaters "

When buying a wool coat, be careful, because many companies call wool coats, and when we look at the composition it is 70% polyester and 30% wool, in the best case, because in the worst case may be 5% wool and 95% polyester. It is also worth looking at the composition of the lining. The polyester lining can cause you to sweat (polyester is airtight), so I warn you to always check the composition before any purchase. This rule should be used not only when buying clothes, but also when buying food.

Above, a review of woolen coats at good prices, and below are inspirations such as wear a wool coat to keep it not only warm, but also fashionable.

Coat: Three Needles
Sweater: H&M
Jeans: Massimo Dutti
Purse: Chanel
Rings: H&M