Wedding guide - a new series of posts

Wedding ... a great day where emotions mix together - stress, joy, sometimes uncertainty. However, this day is remembered for the rest of his life and remembered with a tear in his eye.

Some time has passed since our wedding (we were getting married 09.08.2014), but I am still in the subject, because every year I act as a witness. This year I will also be a witness Piotr cousins, so I'm still up to date with wedding trends 😉 When I remember all the stress that accompanied our wedding, I wonder if only I was experiencing it so much, or does every girl experience it the same.

Wedding Guide

W wedding guide I would like to give you advice on what to look for when choosing a wedding room or what to consider when choosing a musical setting. There will be many examples from real life, and more specifically from my life.

I will answer questions about the choice wedding dress, and also who should pay for the wedding and when to start to do everything (and in what order to do everything). I hope that this series of posts will be useful to our readers who are preparing for their big day.

Let me know in a comment if you are getting ready for the wedding and how you are doing 🙂