Wedding Guide: wedding dress

The search for a wedding dress is probably the coolest moment during wedding planning. For me, finding a dress was fairly simple and quite fast. From the beginning I knew more or less what the dream dress should look like. I didn't want the dress on the wheel, I wanted her to have a detachable train. I visited several wedding salons, I was also looking for a used dress. I didn't mind the fact that someone was already wearing this dress, the more so that you can save a lot. I know that many Girls are reluctant to buy a used wedding dress, but I completely felt no resistance.

Elizabeth Passion wedding dress

The dress I bought cost over 4 thousands (it was tailor made in the Elizabet Passion wedding dresses salon). I bought it for PLN 1900. almost half that price. Added to this was the cost of cleaning and a few corrections (shortening the train and narrowing the dress). Cleaning and corrections closed at PLN 450. To sum up - I paid 2350 PLN for my dress. So it was still a lower cost than if I bought the same dress in the salon.

It is worth considering buying a used wedding dress, because their cost is much lower than wedding dresses from the salon.

I found my wedding dress on one of the websites with offers. First, I asked for more pictures, and then I set up a try with my sister. When I saw the dress live - I immediately fell in love. My sister took some photos for me to think about. After leaving the owner of the dress, I thought about her all the time and it was probably a sign that it was my ideal. Every few hours I looked at the pictures and made sure in my decision, until a few days later I went to pick her up. I picked up the dress in February, and at the end of April I took it to the salon, where corrections were made, and finally the dress was cleaned.

The cost of my wedding dress with patches and cleaning was 2350 PLN. In the salon, the same dress cost over 4 thousands of zlotys.

I was afraid of cleaning the most. I do not recommend reading stories on the Internet, because I could not sleep at night. I dreamed that crystals had fallen off the dress, that the lace did not last ... fortunately, nothing like that happened. It was only a prenuptial dream.

In the same salon I bought a veil as well as jewelry - earrings and a bracelet with crystals such as on the dress. I didn't want anything else because the dress was smart enough - it had crystals on the corset that glistened beautifully in the sun.

how and where to choose a wedding dress wedding guide

Wedding shoes

In addition to the dress, shoes are a very important element. Wedding shoes must be elegant and COMFORTABLE. From the beginning wedding planning I knew I wanted dance shoes. If, like me, you don't stay on heels too often, this will be the best choice. I endured all night in my shoes. They are so comfortable that this year at Piotr's cousin's wedding I will take them for a disguise.

I chose the Latino dance model with a strap along the foot. Classic, white, satin. Without unnecessary decorations. I also recommend buying additional heel covers (transparent). Thanks to them, I didn't take off my heels dancing all night, and the wedding shoes are still usable. If you have a long dress, these overlays will not be visible at all.

Wedding guide - a new series of posts

Wedding ... a great day where emotions mix together - stress, joy, sometimes uncertainty. However, this day is remembered for the rest of his life and remembered with a tear in his eye.

Some time has passed since our wedding (we were getting married 09.08.2014), but I am still in the subject, because every year I act as a witness. This year I will also be a witness Piotr cousins, so I'm still up to date with wedding trends 😉 When I remember all the stress that accompanied our wedding, I wonder if only I was experiencing it so much, or does every girl experience it the same.

Wedding Guide

W wedding guide I would like to give you advice on what to look for when choosing a wedding room or what to consider when choosing a musical setting. There will be many examples from real life, and more specifically from my life.

I will answer questions about the choice wedding dress, and also who should pay for the wedding and when to start to do everything (and in what order to do everything). I hope that this series of posts will be useful to our readers who are preparing for their big day.

Let me know in a comment if you are getting ready for the wedding and how you are doing 🙂