I have mixed hair!

I have long wondered what is wrong with my hair - it is greasy on the scalp, and the rest of the hair tends to be dry.
mixed hair
Well, today I found out that I have mixed hair (running a cosmetic blog has many advantages - including the fact that, for example, today - I learned something new, which I would not know if I didn't run a blog). I didn't think my hair was the same, just like my complexion.
However, research shows that a lot of women have this type of hair and do not even know it.
On the market, however, we can find cosmetics that are suitable for our problem hair (in my opinion, like combination skin, they are quite difficult to care for. It is definitely easier to care for normal or oily hair because we know what to focus on. Here, unfortunately, it is a little harder .)
As I wrote at the beginning - mixed hair is characterized by the fact that it quickly greasy at the scalp (often the hair near the skin is covered), and the ends frizz and do not style as if we wanted to.
The basic cosmetics for this type of hair are normalizing cosmetics, i.e. those that regulate sebum production. Hair conditioners that nourish and do not burden the top of the head are also important.
And as for conditioners - use conditioners for rinsing, because those without rinsing can put too much weight on your hair.
It is good to do a scalp peeling once a week to remove dead skin.
Recipes for homemade peels you will find here
It is also important not to overdo it with hair styling products - not only that they can irritate the skin, they also often cause more greasy hair instead of the dream effect.
The cheapest shampoo from the normalizing series is probably the company Joanna-Z Apteczki Granduni, A normalizing shampoo for oily hair with extracts from brewer's yeast and hops. However, it has one minus - it contains SLS.
Other shampoos for mixed hair:
  • Tołpa, planet of NATURE, Cleansing normalizing shampoo
  • Ziaja biosulfo, anti-dandruff shampoo
  • Mrs. Potter's lemon balm and lime
  • Pharmaceris H-Sebopurin - A specialized normalizing shampoo for seborrheic skin
  • Matrix Biolage ScalpTherapie Normalizing shampoo
  • Kerastase Divalent
Mixed hair conditioners:
  • Aqua Light Pantene Pro-V
  • Redken Clear Moisture
Other cosmetics:
  • Normalizing tonic for greasy hair From Grandma's First Aid Kit
  • Quick combing spray Elseve Nutri Glow Light
  • Strengthening and regenerating serum for damaged hair tips Turnip from Grandma's First Aid Kit