Distilled or demineralized water - which is worth using for an iron?

Unfortunately, there is very hard water in Gdansk. Of course, it depends on the shot, but I get the feeling that we've come across the worst possible. Stone in the shower cubicle and the kettle settles at the speed of lightning. Using the filter jug ​​helped a bit, but I'm still fighting the cabin. In today's post, the answer to the question of whether to use demineralized or distilled water for an iron.

iron bosch sensixxx di90 antishine

About two months ago we had to give our iron a repair, because it turned out that it had so much stone that the extra steam burst. I was depressed because a week without an iron was a bit of a poor vision. After we received the return of the iron, we also received information that it is worth using demineralized water, because if we continue to use ordinary water, the stone will deposit and the iron will be destroyed. Demineralized water can be bought at any major supermarket. Its price is not high - usually a few zlotys. We usually buy 5 l, but you can also buy it in smaller, liter bottles. For pouring it, I use a water container attached to the iron.

water for Bosch Sensixx´x iron

Since we use demineralized water, our iron is cleaned every 2 months (before we had to descale and clean it for about 2-3 weeks. There is a difference, right?). In addition, thanks to the use of demineralized water, we do not have to pour it after each ironing. Now we can pour more water without problems and leave it for the next ironing.