Why do you need to drink water after waking up?

I have been practicing drinking water immediately after waking up for several weeks. In today's post I will answer the question why it is worth practicing. I can see for myself that it pays off and for sure your skin will quickly reward you for it.

drinking water after waking up

How to check if your body is dehydrated?

When you start noticing that your skin is dry and your face is pinched - it's a sign. A sign that says your body is dehydrated. This is one of the signs, because the others are e.g. tiredness or frequent headaches. Do you know that a glass of water often helps with a headache? This is not a myth, I tested it myself, not once.

How to fight dehydration?

As I wrote at the beginning of the post, I have been practicing a very simple method for the first hydration for several weeks. Do you know that our body dehydrates during sleep? Therefore, immediately after waking up should drink a glass of water. Apparently, it is also good to drink a glass before bed, but as Piotr laughs - my bladder is the size of a peanut and drinking a glass of water before bed would end up spending the whole night in the toilet.

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If you start drinking more water because a glass of water in the morning does not solve the problem of dehydration, you may notice a rash at first. This is a normal body cleansing process. After a while, the skin will begin to normalize and look better. Interestingly, this applies not only to acne, but also to wrinkles and skin tightness. If the skin is properly moisturized, wrinkles become less visible.

I don't like water! What to do?

If you do not like the taste of water, you can diversify its taste by throwing a slice of lemon or a few leaves of fresh mint into the glass. Over time, it will definitely get better and although you may like the taste more than once, noticing the effects of regular drinking of water and its appropriate amount, you will reach for it more often.

What to drink to best hydrate the body?

There is much talk about water. Some say to drink boiled, others bottled, and others that it is better to drink juices.

What to drink to best hydrate the body?

But how is it with this water? Is it worth drinking or not?
The adult organism consists of 60% water, while the child with 75-80%.
It is said that without food a person will last even a month, while without water it will take only a few days.
What role does water play in our body?
  • is a solvent for ingredients distributed throughout our body,
  • is necessary for proper digestion processes,
  • plays the role of protection,
  • enables the transport of nutrients,
  • protects the body against overheating
Water "escapes" from our body together with sweat, urine, and exhaled air, so it is important to fill its deficiencies all day.
Doctors alarm - spring water contains only trace amounts of minerals that remain in our body. It is better to drink mineral water, because it leaves the body with the right amount of minerals we need for the proper functioning of the body.

On Friday at yoga I learned that cold water cools the body and kidneys, therefore it is better to drink warm water (e.g. at room temperature, but preferably slightly warmed). Such water relaxes our muscles (it is recommended especially during high effort so that our body does not get shocked).

It is known, it looks a little different in summer, when it is hot. Then definitely reach for cooler drinks. Thanks to this, we will cool our body.
Juices are also very healthy and tasty, but only those that we make ourselves. Good juice can also be bought in the store, but it's worth checking the composition. Unfortunately, most juices available on our market contain huge amounts of sugar, as well as other ingredients that we don't need at all.
When buying juices, we buy from such fruits that are available in our country. Apple juice is the one I choose the most, because apples are grown in Poland. Thanks to this, manufacturers do not combine with enhancers, as with exotic flavors, including coconut, pineapple, lychee, cactus, or other. I ignore the fact that these juices probably didn't even stand next to the fruit they have on the label.
They are also very tasty tomato juices. They are especially recommended for people who have frequent calf cramps. However, as with fruit juices, they often contain sugar and / or salt. It is better to buy a few tomatoes yourself, peel, blend and pass through a strainer. You can add a few basil leaves to this juice if you like it.
And how to check that we drink too little water? Well, once on one of the blogs I read that hydration of our body is manifested by the color of urine. The paler the urine, the better, because there is enough water in the body. I wonder if this method is reliable, but it certainly doesn't hurt if we look at their color after peeing;)