Which slow cooker do I recommend?

Slow cooker Morphy Richards

It's Saturday, 10: 00. A busy day ahead of you, because you have to clean the apartment. You would like to read a few pages of the book you bought yesterday (apparently it's great), but you still have to make dinner. I will tell you a secret that will allow you to find time for all this and eat healthy. Slow cooker. It is he who is the magical device that will allow you to make dinner while you are cleaning or relaxing. The slow cooker looks like a large pot in which you can make soup, stew or whatever you like (only your imagination limits you).

Why a slow cooker?

I bought this device because I don't like to waste time and at the same time I don't like to buy ready-made products. I like cooking, and healthy and tasty food is my priority. Thanks to the slow food, I can do something else when the meal is actually done by myself. I just put everything in the slow cooker and wait. Most dishes are ready for consumption after 5-6 hours. The slow cooker works in such a way that it keeps the temperature quite low all the time, which means that during cooking we do not run away with vitamins.

How to use a slow cooker?

I often set the slow cooker for the whole night or when I use it at the weekend - I prepare dinner before noon so that I can eat a tasty meal around 17 hour.
Slow-food soups come out deliciously, but also stewed vegetables or leche. I don't have experience with meat dishes because we haven't eaten meat for over 2 years. Nevertheless, the vegetables come out very tasty and juicy.
I decided to use the slow cooker from Morphy Richards because of its appearance (it is the same color as our pots Silit). Piotr had known this company for some time and recommended it, so the choice was obvious.
Morphy Richards has a removable pot, so after removing it from the slow cooker we can serve a delicious dish on the table.

Slow cooker service

The device is very easy to use. Insert the plug into the socket and choose 1 from 3 programs using the knob:
  • Off (device off)
  • High (faster mode, stronger heating for dishes that are getting longer)
  • Low (low heat, for dishes that go faster)
  • Medium (medium level, I use it most often)

Slow cooker for

With a slow cooker, you can save a lot of time without worrying about the quality of your meal. For me, this device is a godsend. Perfect for busy people, but also for mothers who want to prepare a tasty and healthy meal for their children.

Slow cooker recipes

As I said, we can do anything in a slow cooker. From soup to vegan bigos or curry. Soups are very tasty and easy to prepare. Throw all the vegetables into the slow cooker, add spices and pour water over it. We set up a slow cooker and ... we go to do what we feel like 😉 This vegetable soup will be a portion of vitamins and will definitely warm you up on cold days.