The other side of the coin is helping homeless animals

I never thought that on the blog I would talk about helping animals. For me it is obvious that we need to help them and we do it regularly with Piotr. If someone is here recently, or maybe does not know - our ear is also adopted.

I am in favor of the liquidation of the kennel and the act, which is to come into force soon, makes me happy (it's a pity that it does not include rabbits, but I think it is a big step forward).

We found a pet! What's next?

When at the end of October someone dropped two kittens into the cat boxes, I was angry. Tiny cats ran between cars, often running under cars. I didn't know what to do, so I asked the cat foundation for help. The answer I received totally shocked me. One of the ladies suggested that I take the kittens home to a temporary home (DT). She EVEN decided that she could help catch kittens and ensure castration or sterilization. I was speechless.
I began to explain that taking kittens is out of the question because of having a very territorial rabbit. In addition, we live in a rented apartment and I can't imagine having more animals.

adoptions of rabbits

We decided to adopt Semir. We knew that this was associated with certain sacrifices, such as traveling. We are responsible for the pet that we decided to provide a home. How much a rabbit can be lived with a man has exceeded my wildest expectations. Contrary to appearances, the ears are very contact animals that can cuddle and give kisses.
Returning, however, to the kittens - I started to act and look for a home for them. Unfortunately, I could not save one of them. One Sunday I saw through the window that he was lying in an unnatural position next to the car. I knew it didn't mean anything good. My goal was to save the second of the kittens. My heart breaks at the thought of what this kitten must have experienced seeing his dying brother or sister.

We caught a cat and we don't know what to do next

I haven't seen this other kitten for a long time or we just passed each other. 25 November was the day when it all began. When I went shopping in the morning I met a kitten. He looked with his beautiful eyes deep into mine. I thought he was hungry and I bought him a sachet for cats. When he ate, I told him I wouldn't let anything happen to him.

adoptions of rabbits

In the evening, we went with Piotr to feed the cat, which I had previously seen through the window as it passes under and between cars (yes, those in motion). I was horrified. We fed the kitten and within a few minutes, after he almost fell under the car once again, we decided that we had to catch him. We played with the kitten for almost 1,5 h, and finally entered the transporter himself. I didn't think what to do next, I was just glad he was safe.
When we got home I started thinking about what to do next ...

Golden tips on the other side of the computer

I set up the transporter and let the kitten calm down. It definitely was a lot of stress for him. At that time I published a post in one of the groups about the fact that we have a cat and could anyone help us. I also called people who could in any way help me answer the question "what next?"
There were dozens of comments about the fact that the cat should stay with me. People, not knowing my situation, not knowing anything about me, decided what to do next. Instead of sharing a post, which would definitely be more help.

helping homeless animals

After renewed contact with the cat foundation and lack of help from them, we knew that we had to look for help elsewhere. There is now a very dangerous rabbit virus that is transmitted by droplet. We didn't know anything about the kitten, so we had to protect Semir from any infection.

The other side of the coin is helping homeless animals

The wave of hate and venom that came on my messanger after I informed that we had given the kitten to the shelter was a huge blow to me. People who completely did not know me and my situation began to write hundreds of messages about how bad I am. They wrote that I could keep him, who one had to be without giving the kitten a temporary home, preferably a permanent one. They did not know that my heart broke into a million pieces when the Lord took the kitten from the shelter. We called her Luna.

Officially, the kitten's name is Foszka and is for adoption in the Gdansk shelter "Promyk". It is now sterilized and quarantined. Now she is just waiting for a loving home that will allow her to forget that someone and her cat brother sent her to death. If any of you would like to adopt this cat beauty, please contact me priv. You will find more information on our fanpage.
This post was created to show you that you have to have a hard ass when you want to help animals. Because there will always be someone who says that we have done too little.