Schwarzkopf Professional [3D] MEN Modeling Hair Wax opinion

Schwarzkopf Professional [3D] MEN Modeling Hair Wax
(Schwarzkopf Professional [3D] MEN Modeling Hair Wax)
What features should a good hair styling product have? For sure, every guy, just like me, wants (in this case, styling wax) to shape the hair as quickly as possible without unnecessary browsing in the mirror and styling. Like our other half.
At first, I considered Schwarzkopf wax as another probably unsuccessful approach to a hair wax product. The Schwarzkopf product convinced me from the very beginning. The smell at the first applications will be very intense, fresh for us, just as if we were just taking a shower.
Turning to the hair styling itself. We apply and model the wax on dry hair! By applying wax to wet and damp hair, the effect will be short-lived and after drying the hair we will get the effect after waking up. Each strand of hair will be twisted and artistic disorder will appear on the head. The wax has a creamy consistency, thanks to which we can easily and evenly distribute the product. We can style our hair until the desired effect is achieved without fear that our hair will stick together. The hairstyle itself can be improved during the day. The main thing is that the hair after application does not have an oily and sticky effect. In the case of previous waxes or pastes I tested, there were such shocks (please refer to the "Men's Eye" section).
Shaping Wax for Hair
(Modeling Hair Wax)
My way of application? I apply wax evenly on my hands and shape my hair in the opposite direction. Only when each strand is covered with wax do I style my hair in the right direction. Until you get the desired effect. For an optimal look, I use at the end hair spray.

The wax is efficient 100 ml is enough for about a month and a half. However, remember that performance depends on the length of our hair and how often it is styled. If you decide to buy this product you will find it here.