Sensitive teeth are no longer my problem!

For as long as I can remember, the problem of tooth sensitivity is affecting me in 100%. All attempts at home teeth whitening, either with Blend a med strips or with the White Pearl ended in deterioration of this condition and discontinuation of this procedure.

My teeth used to react very often to cold and warm drinks and meals. Fortunately, this condition has changed for some time, because hypersensitivity does not bother me.

After applying the permanent braces, I felt very sensitive. For the first two weeks, my teeth were so sensitive that even contact with the brush ended in tears.

I decided to reach for a paste to deal with this problem. Did it help? You'll find out later in this note.

On the advice of my orthodontist, I reached for Elmex (green) toothpaste for sensitive teeth.
Already after the first use my teeth felt a little relief. With time it was only better. I am delighted that something finally helped.

I honestly admit that this is the first time I bought this company's paste. It always seemed expensive and not very effective. However, I must admit that I was wrong.

The paste is available in every Rossmann, now I have bought the orange version (also highly recommended for fixed braces!), Which prevents tooth decay. I wonder if this version will also be so good.

If you are struggling with the problem of tooth sensitivity, be sure to try this product. For me it worked perfectly during the most painful period of wearing a fixed camera.