Barter cooperation as a way to blogging success

Does barter cooperation pay off and when?
Barter cooperation

Barter (barter cooperation) is one of the very popular forms of collaboration on a blog. Especially at the beginning, but also later (if it's beneficial to you). When is it worth to take barter cooperation? I will answer this question below.

There is nothing wrong with starting battery cooperation, but you have to think about how much it pays off. Gone are the days when for a pack of hand cream for 5 PLN. The blogger writes a review and still promotes post on social media. For us, it looks like we do not rule out this type of cooperation, but we apply a certain principle.

Favorable barter cooperation, or what?

We never say no when it comes to any cooperation (unless we are completely not interested in the product or it does not comply with our principles, which I will mention later). We have specific blog rates for a sponsored post and if someone suggests that we choose products for testing - we choose products at the price of advertising on our blog.

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Of course, we determine in advance what the client expects to know what amount he would pay in the case of paid cooperation. Not everyone agrees, but rather they are not serious companies that do not quite know how to work with bloggers.

Janusz blogging - who is this?

Unfortunately, there are people who disturb some favorable barter cooperation. I call them blogging Januszami. Janusze blogging are people who take everything just because it's free. I met many such blogs - barter cooperation, full of advertising banners. To be honest I didn't even know what topic the blog was run because there were posts promoting vibrators and potato peelers (seriously ...).
I avoid such blogs with a wide arc, because they have no substantive value for me. It is strange that some clients agree to advertise on such blogs, because the blogger is not credible at all, and the next cooperation is just ... another.

Find the golden mean

A good blogger doesn't sell for just any hand cream (sorry, I got on this cream). A good blogger undertakes cooperation in accordance with his conscience. Therefore, with us you will never see me in my underwear or read a post about vibrators.

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Everyone, however, sets their own limits - for one it can be a post about sanitary napkins (I once wrote a review of organic sanitary napkins and I don't regret it. By the way I use them to this day and I just wanted to show you an alternative to drugstore, chlorinated sanitary napkins from drugstores). I add that this post read by several thousand people.

In our opinion, barter cooperation is only profitable if it pays off to both parties (not just the company, because it always pays off). If you receive an offer of barter cooperation, you can always adjust the terms of cooperation to the product. But remember to know your value and never sell yourself for a few pennies. Value your work - you have to test, describe the product in such a way as to interest the reader and additionally take photos. It all costs and the price is your time.

I am very curious what you think about this type of cooperation and do you undertake barter cooperation?