Wire hits part 4: everything you need to know about the fixed camera

In today's post I would like to summarize the series of notes "Wire hits". I hope that first-hand information has dispelled all your doubts.

self-ligating camera reviews

As for me, despite the problems I had at the beginning with carrying the camera, now I do not regret that I decided to use a scuffle.
The first changes were visible quite quickly. In the beginning it was enlargement of the upper, then lower lip. The effect of lip enlargement can be seen much more on the lower than the upper lip. I also see that my face has changed, and the wrinkles around my nose have disappeared, which turned out to be due to a malocclusion.
I know that I have a long way to go, but it's getting better day by day and I don't really feel it anymore. Recently, I even took a risk and ate my beloved cashews and luckily nothing happened 😉
I also consider the fact that teeth brushing more often is a plus. When I was not wearing it, I would ignore the matter of brushing my teeth after a meal. Today, after each meal, I march bravely with a toothbrush and toothpaste in my hand. I notice that my teeth have benefited as well, but I'm curious to see at the dentist. Each time it comes out that I have some small cavity. We'll see how it will be this time.
To sum up, if I could turn back time and choose or put on self-ligating apparatus, I would definitely decide again to choose an aesthetic, self-ligating orthodontic appliance. The effects that I see with my eyes are very motivating for me.
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