Is it worth whitening your teeth?

The matter of teeth whitening is very well known to me. Before I started wearing the permanent braces, I thought about undergoing professional whitening.
I have used billions of whitening pastes, whitening strips and white pearl so far. I will say a little about each of the ways.

teeth whitening
The issue of tooth color is often an individual matter. Sometimes some have naturally white teeth, sometimes these teeth fall more into ecru or ivory. I have never had perfectly white teeth. It also seems to me that such snowy whiteness often does not look natural. Yes, white teeth are very pretty, but here it is worth maintaining moderation.
1. Bleaching pastes
This is probably the first of the ways we choose when trying to whiten our teeth. Unfortunately most pastes just don't work. The manufacturer's promises are different and the effects are poor. Thanks to the whitening paste, I was able to get only a small effect. Signal White Now paste probably worked the fastest (now I know it is in the gold version, which unfortunately does not whiten so much). You must be careful with whitening pastes and you can't use them all the time. Such pastes are also not intended for children.
2. Whitening stripes
Long, long time ago, because before prom I wanted to have white teeth. I went to Superpharm and bought blend-a-med whitening strips. Trash was terribly expensive, however, I started promotion and got it for PLN 49. I remember it today. They were discounted from 79 PLN. for 49 PLN! I started testing, which with my sensitive teeth ended tragic. I didn't know much then, I didn't read cosmetic blogs and the effects were not very pleasant. The sensitivity of the teeth, which has been bothering me, has always been felt even more. Unfortunately, I did not know that for this type of products it is worth using toothpaste for sensitive teeth. I couldn't eat and drink and after two days I put the damn thing away, throwing away 50. This is how my whitening adventure ended, until one day ...
3. White pearl
Until the day before the wedding, I said it again I will play whitening. This time I bought a touted white pearl that was supposed to bring pearl teeth. The stairs started at the beginning when making whitening rails. They were not perfect and for the devil they did not want to leave. When I was able to shape them, I thought it would be better, but it wasn't, because after inserting the whitening rails I felt a gag reflex. I couldn't keep it in my mouth for a minute. Another money wasted;)
And so ended my adventure with teeth whitening, now I am not even tempted because of the apparatus at which such treatments are not an option. After taking the camera off, I may do some treatment, e.g. sandblasting, which apparently also brings good results, or something that my orthodontist or dentist will recommend. But it is only in almost two years. I don't think about it yet