Whiter teeth after only one use

Have you ever heard of the toothbrush powder? Meet Eucryl Toothpowder. Recently, I remembered about this product, which I bought while in England. Of course, also for a pound;)

My opinion about Eucryl Toothpowder

Tooth powder is nothing but teeth whitening agent. It can be used as a toothpaste (as a replacement). At the beginning I was skeptical about this product because I was wondering how such a powder can whiten my teeth. I was surprised because after the first use my teeth were whiter. The product is intended for smokerswho have yellow teeth from cigarettes, but there are no contraindications that non-smokers also use it.
I have a version Freshmint (mint), which, apart from whitening, refreshes very nicely. I didn't use other versions, so unfortunately I have no comparison. I know there is also an original and extreme version. Which are also available on the web. According to my investigation, the powder is made in England. The box contains 50g powder, which for daily use is enough for about 3 weeks.
After using this powder, we can boast not only white teeth, but also fresh breath for a long time. At first there may be a strange feeling, a bit like soda-based toothpaste. However, you can get used to this form very quickly. Powder can be used daily or alternating with toothpaste (e.g. one day we brush our teeth with powder and the other with ordinary toothpaste).
In Poland, this product is poorly available, and as already the price is twice as high as in the UK. The powder is noteworthy. I used a lot of toothpastes and none of them gave such a good effect as this product.