How to prepare for moving house - renting an apartment

Renting an apartment, and actually finding an apartment is a real challenge - 6 is moving in our lives behind us. For some it's a lot and for others a little (I know people who move every year and I sincerely admire them). Moving is always called mockingly a small earthquake, because this is more or less how the flat and our nerves look. Theoretically, after so many removals we should be calm, because nothing surprises us anymore. Even the gentlemen who moved us the previous time stated that they had not seen such professionally packed things (after the first, independent move when we forgot to pack the bedding and at the last moment we wrapped it with stretch foil, we already know what and how).

Warsaw tenement houses

How to look for a flat to rent in Warsaw?

Nothing surprised me in my life like looking for an apartment in Warsaw. I will honestly tell you that it is a bit tiring. Generally, there are so many people in Warsaw that if there is a cooler apartment at a reasonable price - it may be out of date after a few hours. You have to work really hard to find something nice among the PRL-style apartments with wall units and a mushroom in the bathroom.

What do we pay attention to when renting an apartment

  1. Location - we were currently looking for a flat in the center of Warsaw, because on average I go there several times a week. Stopping in traffic to reach the Center (a bus without traffic from our current place of travel takes 20 minutes. With traffic jams even 60 minutes) is a total waste of time.
  2. The quality of the equipment - in addition to what brand the equipment is (we have our favorites), we also pay attention to how much water they consume and what energy class they are. It is very important, especially when you pay the media. Many owners of apartments for rent are buying the cheapest equipment and they don't care, because you will be charged for water and electricity consumption.
  3. Window display - for us it is one of the most important issues, because we must have good light for photos. We never want to live in the west apartment again, because such flats heat up very quickly (there is a sauna in the summer) and get very dirty in them. We lived 2x in a west apartment and it was always the same, so it can't be a coincidence.
  4. Injuries - watching the apartment and signing the contract you need to be vigilant and check everything carefully, as well as write down any damage. Pay attention to any bumps, abrasions or dirty walls and require the Owner to fix these damages or to at least write them in the contract (you probably don't want to be blamed for something that you didn't do).
  5. Additional - when renting an apartment, the number of countertops in the kitchen is important to me (usually kitchenettes have only 1 maximum 2 countertops. For me it is not enough), whether there is a dining table and chairs, whether there is a shower cabin (no more bath tub!) And what is the amount of storage space. I don't like dusting outside, so I need space to store most things.
  6. neighbors - it is also good to ask about neighbors, e.g. whether they make noise. You do not want to live next to people for whom it is not important what the day of the week is, because the event lasts all week!

How to prepare for moving house

If you have already found your dream apartment, it's time to get ready to move. The company we moved with has a very nice option - cardboard boxes. It's super ecological, because it always hurt when we threw away cardboard boxes after moving house. It looks like you are arranging a specific date when the cartons are delivered to you, you get stickers and only on them you can write what is in the carton. The cartons come flat, so all you have to do is fold them and start packing.

For such cosmetic issues - it is worth investing in gloves, because cartons dry hands and more. A good facial moisturizer will also be a godsend. After moving to Warsaw, my skin looked tragic, which you can read more about in the post how moving to Warsaw affected my skin. In this post you will also find Korean masks, which I like very much. Especially the avocado version is loved by my face.


I hope that thanks to this article, renting an apartment will be less stressful for you (it's still a less frightening vision than taking a loan for an apartment for 30 years).