What about hair loss?

Fight against hair loss
Fight against hair loss

Hypothyroidism is such a disease that affects the whole body including hair loss. My thyroid variant is nasty because there are better and worse days regardless of the dose of medication.

I struggle with hair loss several times a year, this phenomenon intensifies before autumn and spring, which is why I have been fighting for 3 weeks. It cannot be hidden that it is getting more and more autumn outside the windows, and my body felt like clockwork was approaching the fall of hair falling from my head.

Over the years of fighting hypothyroidism, I have found several products that normalize this process for me.


Amla is my huge ally when it comes to fighting hair loss. I use two versions of this plant - powdered in the form of a mask and amla oil, which I usually apply at the weekend for the whole day and night (for the entire length of the hair). In the morning I wash my hair with Sylveco oatmeal shampoo. Remember not to wash the oil off with SLS shampoo, because this is pointless.

A gentle shampoo

I have been using O'herbal arnica shampoo for the last month. Unfortunately, I have the impression that it has compounded hair loss even more. It was the same when using Alterra shampoos - my hair fell out with double strength.
That's why I came back to Sylvevo wheat-oat shampoowhich has so far worked best on my hair.


Nothing works as well for hair loss as treatments Darsonvalem. I use this device once a week - I comb my dry hair with a comb comb for about 15 minutes. It's important to use it regularly when using Darsonval. We will see the effects after some time.


Once a week, I put amla powder on my hair and the next day a mask (currently Biovax for weak and prone to hair loss). The mask is best applied on 30 minutes with a thermo cap, which is designed to maintain the correct temperature to support the operation of the mask. I have been using Biovax masks for a long time and have never let me down. They are denser than the Bania Agafia masks, which is why they are much more efficient.

Silica tea

It's an effective way and cheap. For herbs, however, keep in mind that regularity is key here. We drink tea 2 x a day. After a month, the first effects are already visible - the hair is strengthened and falls out less. Silica tea can be bought at health food and herbal stores.