Xbox 360 Kinect Nyko Zoom review

I wondered for a long time whether it makes sense to review this product, but whenever someone visits us (even console owners Xbox 360) ask the same question "what is this quirk attached to the 360 Kinect xbox?"
Sensor cover Kinect it attracts attention but not because it is tacky or looks unsightly. Just kinect 360 takes on an even more futuristic look.
Xbox 360 Kinect Nyko Zoom review
The task of this gadget is to adapt the smaller areas of our houses to play in full freedom and not force us to rearrange the living room so as not to damage the things around us while playing or getting injured by falling on a table, for example 😉
Thanks to the company's overlay NYKO we save about forty percent of space. This reduces our distance between the player and the TV screen. We don't need any software to install the overlay, we simply apply our gadget to the sensor using a special clip that is perfectly shaped.
I also met with reviews that overlay Nyko Zoom draws our motion controller. I don't know what to do to scratch Kinect, mine still looks like new and has no scratches. Despite the fact that I downloaded it more than once to, for example, borrow it to friends or wipe dust.

Xbox 360 Kinect Nyko Zoom review
Nyko Zoom also allows us to play two players at the same time. The specially made "eyepiece" reduces the area needed for the game so much that normally one user would be read without the kinect overlay. In this case, two people can play.
Normally one person must stand at least 2,1 m away from the TV screen. When using the overlay, the distance is reduced to 1,2 meters. When using two players, without the overlay, the distance is 2,7 meter, after applying the overlay, the distance decreases to just 1,8 meter. We are no longer doomed to bumping our elbows.
We also don't have to worry that the overlay will cause the sensor Kinect will not read us correctly, or our movements will be distorted. Take my word for it, none of these things!
Simply calibrate the sensor after installing Nyko Zoom Kinect using the option found on the console menu and enjoy freedom of movement.

Xbox 360 Kinect Nyko Zoom review
From the moment you install the overlay, you won't have to run and jump on the walls like Spiderman. I recommend the overlay especially to people who live in blocks of flats and do not have as much space as the average American, who often has the living room area like our entire apartment.
If you already decide on the overlay, I advise against buying cheaper counterfeits available on the Internet.
Only Nyko guarantees full satisfaction and certainty Kinect will read us correctly in the game.
It recommends gadget, especially if someone uses games of the type Mini Sport or Nike + (to buy here) the effect is really stunning and worth the price which ranges from PLN 80 to PLN 120 with delivery. The gadget is worth the money.