Which console should you choose?

Which console should you choose?
Which console should you choose?

Are you wondering what console to choose and what to consider when choosing this type of equipment? We will not debate which console is better Xbox One / S or Playstation 4, it doesn't make any sense. If there is someone a fierce fanboy of one of the platforms, then for nothing in the world we will not convince such a person to their case. It's important that you never speak, never.

I started my adventure with consoles with Sony. In recent years, I decided to buy the Xbox 360E, and soon after the premiere I enjoyed Xbox One. I am not a fanboy of a specific company, I always choose the best and interesting for me.

Why Xbox and not PS4?

First, both companies offer consoles with similar parameters. In the case of PS4, there is little benefit to a company from the country of cherry blossoms. Having the choice between the mentioned consoles was decided by the appearance of the equipment, the controller and partly the attachment to the brand. This is my subjective observation, but I definitely like the Redmond console.

Yes, I know, someone will say that Xbox One looks like a video recorder ... so what if it looks great to me! Apparently I am one of those who like video recorders. Somehow I will live with it;) By the way, the competition console has lived up to its description as a haversack ... well I leave it to you. To put it seriously, tastes and politics are not disputed.

What to look for?

I had the pleasure to play the controller of both new generation consoles. Definitely the Xbox One pad wins in this comparison. As I read Microsoft's pre-release assurances that the Xbox One controller would be even better than the controller attached to the Xbox 360, I was taking the patch. However, by using the controller for longer than Xbox One, I definitely noticed an improvement.

Thanks to better profiling, the controller after a few hours of playing still holds comfortably. Certainly better adjusted lower triggers of the controller contribute to this. I must admit that the next thing I chose Xbox for is the kinect sensor. It's super fun, especially on autumn and winter evenings when you don't want to go outside. Kineckt Sports or Nike + Trening (game on Xbox 360) is an excuse to spend an active and creative time with our loved ones. And most importantly, we are the controller.

As a result of the competition of these two console giants, we - consumers - benefit the most. For the previous generation PS3 console, you had to run with something that looks like a huge scoop of ice cream. However, with the new generation of consoles, Sony has taken a milestone, and without unnecessary additions to the motion sensor. You can even buy special Sony VR goggles, thanks to which we can move completely into the virtual world. To take full advantage of this technology, it takes time, it is the melody of the future ... very near future. The most popular game titles will prove the full application of this technology.

Returning to reality ... the next issue when buying is disk capacity. With today's game sizes, 500 GB is the bare minimum. However, using the virtual Xbox store, the game we have already gone through, we can uninstall and make room for a new title. We can download the previously uninstalled game at any time after logging into our account.

Thanks to this, we do not have to occupy space at home with game boxes. The only thing I previously missed in X360, and is already present in the new generation console from Microsfot is a Blu-ray player. However, so that it was not so beautiful, unfortunately, our original movies recorded in this quality will not be played on the console. There is a big minus, however, the company explains the protection against piracy, and in a way I am able to understand this policy of the Redmond company. Unfortunately, honest people lose it.

Speaking of players, the case of the new version of the Xbox One S console is one step further from its competitor. Microsoft doesn't boast of it at all, which is not understandable to me, because by buying a refreshed version of the Xbox One we get a UHD Blu-ray player for free. Currently, the UHD player alone costs between 2000 and 3000 thousand. zł.
To the west of our country you can get many movie titles in 4K quality. In combination with a TV that has an 4K matrix and fully supports the HDR function, which further extends the color palette, the better the experience for real cinema connoisseurs.

What to look for when buying a console

  • parameters: among others, disk capacity, processor used and other components. It is also important that the console is quiet and has an adequate cooling system. Without it, console performance can degrade significantly,
  • controller: choose the console which controller is better in your hands,
  • wide range of games: Available game titles you care about. It can happen that a specific title can only come out on Xbox or Sony console,
  • functionality: it is worth considering whether the console will be an entertainment center in our salon or just a gaming tool,
  • look: appearance issues are an individual matter. It would certainly be nice if the console could please the eye and be an element decorating our salon,

Dear Lord, remember not to place the console vertically unless it is adapted to this. Otherwise, you will not enjoy the long-purchased console;)