Dress with a collar with lapels and a belt

In summer I like to wear moccasins and ballerinas. For me, this type of shoes is the most comfortable and I know that I can trust them in this matter. And you can at 100% trust me in the comfort of shoes. Piotrek, of course, laughs at me, because I was even rubbed by Emu or Ugg shoes (which theoretically should not wipe, and as you can see). Therefore, once I find a comfortable model that will not disappoint me, it happens that I buy several pairs in different colors (especially for high heels).

I always thought I didn't like shoes, and it turned out that I love them. It is true that I do not have the whole wardrobe (actually I do not have a wardrobe, but a large wardrobe) of shoes and I would never want it, however, I am not a total minimalist when it comes to shoes. Currently I have for summer: moccasins, espadrilles, ballerinas + sneakers and wellies for colder or rainy days. And that's enough for me.

In today's stylization, you can see the most comfortable ballerinas (I encourage you to buy, if you value not only the appearance, but also the comfort) I had on my feet. I really liked the neutral color, which will suit everything, and above all, to the shaper. I have a -20% discount for you on the password 'dpblog' valid for purchases over PLN 300. The discount coupon is ONLY active until the end of July.

However, if you don't like dresses, check out the previous one styling with a polka-dot linen suit (perfect for hot days!). The neutral skimmer for the summer is made of viscose with the addition of polyester - the additions of this fabric are okay. Thanks to the addition of polyester, the skimmer is not creased as if it was made of viscose alone. Of course, it would be perfect if it was made of 95% (or more) viscose and 5% polyester, but 7% polyester is still acceptable to me. If thanks to this he is not to cringe from looking (and I have one dress that really crushes from looking and I am still wondering whether to leave it or not sell it. However, it would not be too fair to the person who would bought her 😉), I will survive this supplement.

mango shredder

Do you have shoes in your wardrobe that you wouldn't exchange for anything else? Or maybe several pairs from the same model (because they are super comfortable)? Be sure to check it out selected shoes in premium quality in our store. If you like my style (and I assume it is so since you entered the D&P blog), you will definitely find something for yourself.

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