A little betrayal ...

What are my plans for growing hair - first of all, I intend to put on a Lee Stafford Growth mask, which my dad's partner told me yesterday (apparently there is a craze in England for this company's products).
hair care
I'm also thinking of shampoo from this series, but they must first open a Hebe drugstore next to me. It may already be open by the way? I have to check it out.
Once a week I will apply immortal oil. What? we'll see. For now, I have to finish linseed oil, which I planned to drink, but its taste drives me crazy, I also feel that I will finish it on my hair.
For this, daily 3 tablespoons of aloe mixed with 3 tablespoons of water (before eating). Not only on hair, but also on immunity. Recently, I came across Superpharm 500ml for PLN 9. (discount from 39,99 PLN also without hesitation - I took it).
When it comes to dyeing - I focus only on KHADI henna, probably dark brown. For now, I have to test nut brown, which will probably honor my hair today;)
A lot of people tell me that I looked better in long hair. I will show you some photos from those times ... see for yourself.

I have mixed feelings, because sometimes I miss long hair, but if I remember what torments I experienced when I had them - I have goose bumps. The most important issue, however, was probably that at the time I could not care for them - I used shampoos with SLS, I avoided hair masks in a wide arc, I will not mention oils. If I knew then about hair care as much as now, I would certainly still have long.
However, I am glad that I cut them - thanks to this I can start from scratch today.

I start tomorrow (the sooner the better!) And every approx. 2 months I will share with you the effects that I achieved. Today, after washing my hair, I will take pictures so that you have an idea of ​​what I'm starting with.
I am curious myself about the effects I will get :)