Effective ways to earn money quickly and easily on the blog

how to start making money on the blog?Every Blogger running a blog comes to the point that he wants to monetize his work. Of course, there are exceptions, so if you belong to this group of Bloggers who write for themselves and do not want to make money on the blog - you can at this point go to another post on our blog. However, if monetization on the blog is interesting for you, I invite you to continue reading.

Earning on the blog - ways to earn

There are several ways to earn money on the blog. Here are a few of them:
  • barter cooperation (in fact, it is also a form of income)
  • Sponsored posts
  • product tests
  • advertising campaigns using the image of bloggers
  • banners
  • affiliate links
Today we will deal with affiliate links. I'll tell you how to use them to make money on the blog, and also from what platform we use to make money on the blog in this way.

Affiliation - what is it?

Affiliate links are links to online stores through which the customer has the option of 'exploring' through which affiliate link the product has been purchased. When you buy a product through an affiliate link on your blog, you get a commission. The percentage of sales is determined by the company or online store. You usually receive a commission when someone buys a product. It is very rare that a company accounts in the form of CPC (Cost per click). In this form of settlement, you would get a commission if someone clicks on the link or banner ad. This form of settlement is not beneficial for the company, so they are unlikely to account in this way with Bloggers (I have never encountered this form of settlement).

Convertiser - the world's simplest affiliation

For almost 2 years, we have been using the Convertiser platform, through which we generate affiliate links. Most often they appear in the form of sliders with products or simply affiliate links such as here. We also shorten the generated links. An example link looks like this: https://goo.gl/9pjQXx. You can still generate a grille. Often this form of affiliation appears on Pudelek or other portals, where star stylizations are shown. Note that a similar stylization appears under these posts. When you click on pants or a dress - it takes you to the store.

Pros and cons of using the Convertiser platform

Convertiser platform is very simple and this is probably its biggest plus. After only a few hours I lost my way to creating sliders for older blog posts. Our readers often read older posts, which is why I posted affiliate links there. Interestingly, they are clicked and used for shopping. Service is also a plus - every Blogger has a mentor to whom he directs all questions. My babysitter is kindly Mr. Paulina.
using Convertiser I noticed some disadvantages. One of them is the automatic generation of withdrawals after exceeding PLN 50. I would rather decide for myself when I want to withdraw funds. The second downside is the lack of preview of what product you bought. We only see the name of the store from which someone made the purchase through the affiliate link. This is not enough for us. It would be nice to know what products are most often sold through our blog. This is valuable statistics, which unfortunately we do not receive. In addition, the product search engine is not very intuitive, which sometimes means you have to work hard to find a product.
In my opinion, the Convertiser platform is the easiest way to make money on a blog. Of course, this is not a lot of money, because commissions are usually low, but as they say - a better sparrow in hand, than a pigeon on the roof.
If you are interested in other ways to make money on the blog or do not know how to price a sponsored post on a blog, be sure to check out this post, which talks about it how to price advertising on a blog

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Blogger is a cheap workforce

Blogger is a cheap workforce
Blogger is a cheap workforce

Are you a blogger? That means you're a cheap workforce. This is how you see companies that want to cooperate with you. Of course, not all but a lot of companies when writing to us for cooperation see us as a cheap workforce. In this article you will learn what barter cooperation is, when it is worth undertaking it and whether it really pays off.

What is barter cooperation?

Barter cooperation is when your product for your work (in this case a blog post, promotion on social media) is a product. You do not get remuneration in the form of money, but only the product, device, etc. you test, etc. Most often barter cooperation is offered to low-range Bloggers or by companies that want to advertise their product on blogs or on social media at low cost. For the company, it's actually only benefits - without incurring special costs (the cost is only the product that they give for testing) they receive ranges. This form of cooperation is often used by online stores and smaller companies, as well as those that are just beginning.

Thank you, we do not cooperate with barter parties

At the beginning of the blog, we started barter cooperation to build a brand and start somewhere. For some time we have stopped accepting barter cooperation, unless it is a product we want to have or we take barter in the amount of the sponsored post on our blog (also only when it is very interesting to us). Otherwise, we do not decide on barter, because we already have a well-established brand, such high statistics that this form of cooperation is not profitable for us. I don't see anything wrong with a barter, but in the long run it's seriously not profitable. Unless you are Janusz Blogger and set up a blog to have free products. If so, fall off the blogosphere and don't break it.
Does barter cooperation pay off? click
Why don't we cooperate with barter? Well, the sponsored post with our statistics is a cost of several thousand zlotys (I will not give you a lot, because a group of people who like to look in our portfolio will be commissioned soon) and simply tests a product worth let's give it 30 or even 100 PLN, prepare its review, photos, promotions on social media is in no way beneficial for us. If it suits you - okay, keep doing it. However, by accepting barter collaboration, you'll never start making money on your blog. Unless you write for yourself - for a pillow, it's your decision.
Information that we do not cooperate barter is visible in the cooperation tab on our blog. We want to be fair to companies, agencies and people who write to us. Why waste their time and ours? If you also do not cooperate with barter - write about it in the tab cooperationto help companies do the job when they are looking for someone to promote their product.

What should the 'cooperation' tab look like? click

Unfortunately, despite this information, we still receive battery cooperation offers. We respond politely that we thank you for your interest in our blog, but we do not cooperate with barter.

How to use Blogger?

I will tell you a little bit about cooperation offers that I came across over the years (I've been blogging since 2009). To this day, we often get cooperation offers for several hundred zlotys, sometimes even for 100 zlotys. Remember that even if the offer is very absurd, it is not worth pointing out. It is better if you politely refuse to cooperate than write a long e-mail with the caps. No sense - why waste time. In addition, you do not know whether you will not find this person on the occasion of another cooperation, company or bloggers meeting. Such a person will definitely remember you. Seriously, it's not worth it.

How to price advertising on a blog? click

And from interesting offers, which I recently came across on the portal, which brings together Bloggers and companies (Reachablogger) - an ad appeared with the requirements: over 10 thousand. uu, publication of a post with 3 links to an online store, mention in social media. In general, wreaths wonders, and you know what the budget of the order was? 50 PLN. net. It might be funny, but unfortunately some Bloger was tempted and published for PLN 50. sponsored post on his blog, posted 3 links to the store, mentioned it on the channel in SM and thanked for cooperation. It's sad that Bloggers don't value their work and their time. It is a pity that it spoils the blogosphere and later professional Bloggers receive cooperation offers for 100 PLN. It is not surprising, since Bloggers allow it.