Why don't you make money on the blog, even though you really want it?

how to make money on the blog
There are already several posts about making money on the blog, because making money on the blog is something that interests many of you. If you haven't read them, take a look here and familiarize yourself with their content, as well as the platforms that we use to monetize our blog. What if you read all the articles, did everything I wrote and you still don't make money on the blog? Check what could be the reason.

Your blog statistics are too low

Perhaps the point is that your blog is simply not popular enough, and thus - not very attractive to advertisers. Nobody wants to spend money on advertising, which results will be poor. Think about whether you would like to give someone 1000 PLN. for something you won't get any benefits from? I do not think so. No advertiser will also pay for your blog ad if it reaches only a handful of people.
If your statistics are low, you'll need to get more readership, i.e. start advertising. That's why there are internet forums, groups on Facebook etc. If you are a regular visitor to a forum and have a group of friends there - send them a link to your blog. You can always leave a link in a valuable comment. However, do not do this too often, because it may be treated as spam. You probably say now that it's time consuming. Nobody said it would be easy. To succeed, you must earn it.

You still accept all barter cooperation

I don't demonize barter collaborations, although I know that many bloggers say it's a bad thing. I don't think so, but there is one "but". Work barter only if it really pays off. Let me present you with a slightly exaggerated example: You get an offer of barter cooperation. You have to test the yogurt that you want to advertise.
What are the benefits of this? You will have a full stomach, maybe you will find a product that you like so much that you will buy it. However, think that the price of this yogurt is your time spent on its tests, photos and description. Is it really worth it? Conclusion - cooperate barter only if the value of tested products is about the same amount as you would like to receive for a blog post. Only in this situation will it pay off. Of course, there are some exceptions, e.g. when someone offers you to test a product that you really wanted to have. Then you can make some concessions 😉

You are not active on social media

Or maybe you are not even on social media? And I'm not talking about your private account on FB or Instagram, where you upload photos from holidays. What I mean here is the element that makes your blog a success.
Statistics on social media are as important as the number uu from Gogole Analytics. Don't be surprised if one of the advertisers asks you about it, just think about it today. This may be the reason why you are still not making money from your blog. Today, a blog is not only a website, but also the presence of your blog in social media. FB is king, and then you choose an additional channel (depending on the specifics of your blog) that can bring you the most benefits.

You are too slow

We are only people, we have our own private lives, most bloggers also work professionally. Remember, however, that you are not the only blogger to whom the advertiser sends his offer and often the time in which you contact is one of the factors determining the cooperation. I am not saying that it is always because several factors contribute to the implementation of cooperation. I will reveal to you what I took into account when I was working with bloggers myself.

What was my motivation when working with bloggers?

  • Timein which I received the reply to the email. Sometimes, I got the answer even after a week. Of course, I didn't take that person into consideration at the time and you may think that it's not fair, but I have these rules. Time counts.
  • Blog statistics. If they were low, I did not take such a blog into account, because simply in the world it simply does not pay.
  • Contact blogger. If someone was nice, polite and not arrogant (seriously, there were such people!), And also had good statistics, I often made concessions.
  • Blog appearance. I have accepted criteria (may be different for each company), which I follow when choosing a blog. Although there are blogs that I think are ugly and have amazingly high statistics.