Time management - theory vs practice

Time management - theory vs practice
Time management - theory vs practice

Peter Bregman's book 18 minutes prompted me to deeper reflection and change the approach to certain matters related to running the company, as well as my own life. Despite the theory, I was still stuck in the mistaken thought that since I run a company I have to devote myself to it in 150% otherwise I will not succeed and my bank account will not be full.

This thinking accompanied me for a long time. I could not separate my professional and private life, and I could not determine what was most important to me. The book that I reached for with the impulse came with help. Today I can say that reading it has changed my life to some extent.

How to be more effective at work?

I never took breaks after every hour of work, because it seemed like a complete waste of time. Today I still don't do them regularly, but every 2-3 hours I try to stop and analyze the past hours. What does this give me? Thanks to the respite, my brain rests and gains energy for further action. In addition, I become more effective because I know what I can improve in the following hours.
Norinommo planner
Norinommo planner

Task prioritization

In my case, it is taking care of existing customers, attracting new customers, keep up with trends in social media, developing a blog and taking care of yourself and your health (here is sport, entertainment and small pleasures, including going to the cinema or to restaurants), as well as other 5% (matters that are something for me that I want to do, but I have to do, e.g. cleaning).

Why is prioritization of tasks so important? First of all, we will avoid becoming entangled in this responsibility. Every day we know what we have to do and we stick to it. This allows you to effectively manage your time and separate your professional and private life (you'll never have to sit after hours again).

You also need to specify a specific time frame for completing the task, if you simply make a list of things to do, and do not specify the hours of their implementation, you may find that you have been doing them much longer than required.

The most difficult tasks to start with

At the end of the day we are tired and our thoughts usually revolve around household chores. This is not a good time to perform difficult tasks, because our performance is significantly reduced. I noticed that what might seem difficult at the end of the day, the next morning may turn out to be a completely simple task that required only a fresh mind.

The same applies to the blog, I noticed that the posts that enjoyed the most interest were those that were written in the morning.

Stop - look through the list of duties and take a break

Every day, about 10 minutes before finishing work, I review the list of my tasks for a given day. I check if I managed to do all of them, and if not - I wonder what was the reason and how to avoid such a situation in the future. I analyze what was the most difficult for me and why. Thanks to this I am aware of my strengths and weaknesses and what I still need to work on.

Norinommo planner
Norinommo planner

Norinommo - a planner that will help you prioritize tasks

There is now a rash of planners, calendars and notifications on the market to facilitate time management. How to choose the most effective? They are a great solution Norinommo planners.

Anyone running a business and having several clients knows that sometimes it's difficult to control the tasks that pile up every day. This planner will also be useful for bloggers who professionally approach blogging.

Norinommo planners are distinguished primarily by their classic appearance (two colors available - black and turquoise), but they are also solidly made. I'm a traditionalist when it comes to planners. I know that there are various applications available on the market that facilitate time management, but I prefer to have a planner in my hand.

In addition to professional tasks, the Norinommo planner also has room for plans and personal goals (e.g. personal development or goals related to a partner / partner), 6 monthly or annual goals or notes (this place in my planners is always used in 100% ).

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