Wire hits: I'm not a camera anymore!

orthodontic retainer
Exactly on 15.03.2016 I took off my fixed camera. I was looking forward to eating a croissant with poppy seeds (poppy seed and fixed camera is not a good combination) or anything else that is hard.
Actually, going to the visit I wasn't sure if it is the day today. I also didn't know that you had to make an appointment for removing the camera. Fortunately, my orthodontist said that we could easily cope during the normal visit.
Removing the fixed appliance - does it hurt?
This is not the most pleasant thing that has ever happened to me. To be honest, it may not hurt so much, but it was just unpleasant.
Locks are torn off, which is a lot to say by force. Some go easier, some do not want to detach. The sound of breaking the locks was probably the worst. At the first castle I thought that my orthodontist pulled out the castle with my tooth;)
Later, the adhesive was removed. If someone is not a fan of drill sounds then it can be interesting because every tooth needs to be grinded. Fortunately, it doesn't take too long, but it can spill some blood.
After removing the camera, the teeth are sensitive, so it is worth washing them for a few days with toothpaste for sensitive teeth (eg Elmex for sensitive teeth ) and rinse with sage or calendula, or Sylveco oral hygiene liquid ).

Orthodontic retainer

After removing the camera, you must wear a retainer so that the defect does not return. I think that this is a very important issue, because probably no one is wearing the camera to put it on again.
When the adhesive is removed from the teeth, the orthodontist took the impressions on the basis of which the retainer was made. It takes about 7 days. The retainer should be worn overnight, daily. By how much? The longer we wear the retainer, the longer the teeth are perfectly straight. From what I know, later you can wear it less often, e.g. several times a week.

Interestingly - talking to my orthodontist when picking up the retainer, I learned that some people do not pick it up or wear it. In my opinion, it is complete stupidity, because this is not what money is spent for. I do not intend to wear a fixed device again, so I will wear the retainer regularly.

During this time the teeth may bend slightly, but the retainer will bring them to order.