September in pictures

The weather was good in September, so you could take some photos. Looking out the window, I would gladly return to those warm days.
In September, I most often wore a silk frill blouse, beige linen jacket, favorite jeans from Cubus High waist hannah and super comfortable mele.

Piotr bought a new phone case (silicone with marbled pattern) that fits perfectly with his elegant stylizations.

Color cosmetics

In September I used (and still use) dry Nuxe body oil very often. It reminds me of a summer that has passed too quickly, as usual. Tangle Teezer is also a great favorite of mine, although I use it from time to time (especially when applying a conditioner or mask).
Zoeva brushes are irreplaceable. In December it will be a year when I use them regularly. Together with Dr G hydra intensive cream and pink Mac well dress are on my list "I love and I will never exchange". I will add Bell Glam & Sexy mascara to this list soon. For now, works great.
My irreplaceable four for fall - Miss Dior eau fraiche, Bath & Body Works Fall Lakeside Breeze antibacterial gel, Mac well dressed blush and Chanel Rouge Noir varnish. I can't imagine autumn without these 4 products!
Autumn lunches
Although September was warm, the coming autumn could be felt. That is why soups reigned in our home. Corn soup is a huge favorite of mine. Its only downside is separating the beans from the flask. It takes a long time.
Tasty and very simple soup - cauliflower with the addition of two potatoes. Few ingredients are made quickly. It is also very tasty.
Piotr loves to eat cereal in the morning. I'm not a fan of cereals and I wasn't even tempted by strawberries and almond milk.
If you have a problem with effective time organization - read the Peter Bregman's book 18 minutes. Soon, a little more about time management on our blog.
Heathers - a sign of autumn. Although I'm not their fan at home, they delight me with their beautiful color.
I listen to Paris from Tchibo several times a week, especially during breakfast. In addition, a mirror from Paris from my sister-in-law, chocolate from Alma (you can find many types of chocolates that are not available in any other store. There are also discounts now!) And Icon silicone cover, which gives a little color on gloomy mornings.