A useful gadget for taking photos with a smartphone for bloggers and more ...

selfie lamp reviews

The selfie lamp has always seemed to us a superfluous gadget, but it turned out to be great on increasingly shorter days, when taking photos on a blog and social media is a challenge. If you also suffer from a lack of light - this is a gadget for you!

We don't have a good camera, so we take all our photos - whether on the blog or social media - with our phones (Sony Xperia Z1 compact or Sony Xperia Z3 compact). Our models do not have great cameras, but if we exercise a little naked, we will take good photos. The biggest problem in autumn and winter are getting shorter days. Those who work full-time and blogging in addition know what they are talking about. Are you coming home and you have no chance to take good photos? You only see the light on weekends, when you slam a million photos for the whole week? You don't have to do this anymore. This lamp is really a useful gadget for taking photos with a smartphone.

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Taking good photos with your phone is a real challenge. We often combine with different backgrounds, and we also process pics in various applications. In our current apartment there is the problem that it is west, which is why very often there are shadows in our photos that are difficult to get rid of. A good graphic designer would do it in a few minutes, but I don't touch the graphics at all, and Piotr is self-taught.
The photo lamp came with help, which we use with almost every photo taken. Thanks to it photos are better lit and thanks to different light modes. The lamp has 9 modes each of which is a little different. Some of them have a warm color, some cold and each has a different light intensity.
  1. mode is very bright, warm-winters (lamps that light warm and cold light up)
  2. mode is same as first, but it is darker
  3. mode is similar to the first two, but the light intensity is much lower
  4. mode bright, cool
  5. mode medium intensity, cool
  6. mode least light, cool
  7. mode high intensity, warm
  8. mode medium intensity, warm
  9. mode lowest brightness level, warm

Flash Remax is available in several colors - gold, pink and black. We decided on the golden version, because we liked the color version the most. This The gadget fits every smartphone model, its installation is very simple, because the lamp attaches to the clip. In addition, we will find a small bag in the box, which is useful when you want to always have the lamp with you. Thanks to it, it won't scratch or damage. The gadget is very small and light, which fits even in the smallest purse.

Let's get to what is most interesting, i.e. the effects of taking pictures. On the left side you can see photo that was taken without a lamp, after right for it photo with lamp set to 5 mode.
lamp for the smartphone

With the naked eye you can see that the photo on the right is more lit and therefore also clearer. Definitely on the right it is more suitable for showing the world.

Battery in the lamp we charge using a USB cable connected to the computer. The only downside is that the lamp is charging a little on 'watch', because no LED is on, which informs us whether it has been charged. Because of this we can be surprised that when taking pictures, it suddenly discharges.
In our opinion, this is a great gadget that will be useful to every blogger, but not only, but also to people who like taking pictures with their smartphone.