May and June in pictures

There was a lot going on in May and June. We have used the warm weather in full swing and we hope that there will be even more of them in the coming months. In our heads we have ideas for several styles that we would like to show on the blog. We also have several advertising campaigns to implement, about which soon.

Finally, I dared to get into the wagon of the observation wheel in the Old Town of Gdansk. It was awful. Half my time inside I had my eyes closed, of course Piotr laughed. I have found that my fear of heights is very great and I can never imagine such entertainment again. At the end of May, we were together with Agnieszka from the blog Feather - My Way To Fashion at the opening of the boutique of the Mana Mana company from Gdynia producing handbags.

The weather was good and we had a great time with Agnieszka. We'll meet again soon. This time at the See Bloggers conference. Warm days mobilized us to do styling with tied ballerinas. Thanks to this, we've met some cool places in Gdansk that will probably appear more than once in our photos.

May and June are my favorite months, because in the stores you can find delicious fruit and vegetables. The first fruits we tried were raspberries. IN Chia pudding with fresh coconut tasted great. Moja fit chocolate with dates made a sensation. In one day as many as 7 thous. people came to this recipe, and all this thanks to sharing the photo in one of the Facebook groups (and some underestimate the power of Social Media). I got a lot of news from you that you made chocolate and enjoyed it very much. I'm very happy about this. For sure on Instagram I will show fit chocolate with other additions more than once. Follow our profile @dpblogplto keep up to date.

Very nice package from Meatless Meat turned out to be a bull's-eye. We liked the country sausage and vegan bacon the most. We liked the least peperoni, which was quite spicy and roast, in which I sensed spices that did not tear my taste buds. We will definitely order these vegan delicacies more than once. I am impressed by how delicious these meatless specialties are.

In May, we received our certificates confirming the specialized knowledge in the field of monitoring and analysis of the Internet / Social Media, which we obtained at a training conducted by Brand24 at the end of April. In recent months I have read several books related to the lifestyle and dressing of Parisians. One of them was the book 'Be Parisian wherever you are', which I did not quite like (in terms of content). In the book you can find very inspiring photos for it.

My previous notebook has already been used, so I started looking for something new. I came across a beautiful notebook in Biedronka. It is a travel book, but it serves as a notebook for me. Isn't he beautiful?

I bought again Resibo smoothing serum and persuaded my friend not yet. I hope you like this product as much as I do. I linked the 'Resibo smoothing serum' - you will find a detailed review of this product there. In May and June I most often used Chanel nail polishes. Beige Noir is my huge favorite. It's very light, slightly milky beige that looks beautiful on the nails. I love bright nail polishes because they don't require too much precision in painting. In June I came back to hybrids, we will see how long I will wear them, but I will tell you that combined hybrid manicure it's a bull's-eye.

Unfortunately, this year I couldn't be at the Meet Beauty conference, but I got a huge packet of cosmetics for testing. One of them is the Bielenda pearl base, which not only looks beautiful, but also smells nice. I just started testing it recently, so I can't say too much.