How not to gain weight during a coronavirus epidemic?

Many people wonder how not to gain weight during the coronavirus epidemic. An epidemic, more precisely, being at home all the time has caused more and more people to cook at home. It's great because we discover new flavors and gain new skills. Even a few ebooks with coronavirus recipes were created (of course, using pasta or rice). If I thought about it for a long time, it's not such a stupid idea. I am already losing my inspiration for coming up with new recipes for quarantine dishes.

When I noticed that more and more people were joking about weight gain during quarantine, I found that I would write a few words about it on the blog, because I fell into continuous eating mode myself. A few said "enough" and changed my quarantine habits. I also encourage you to do this, if you are afraid that the time of isolation at home will cause +5 kg to appear on your weight. Remember that this nightmare will end and we will have to go back to normal life (honestly? I can't wait for it).

Physical activity - necessarily!

Lack of physical activity is a bane for our body and metabolism. I feel the negative effects of sitting at home myself, mainly because I miss flying around the city and getting different rights. I will not say ... I miss it a bit (especially now, when the sun comes out more often).

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I have never been a fan of exercising (I did everything I could to avoid PE lessons at school). I still don't belong to fit girls and I'm not rushing to the gym with a smile. Nevertheless, I found something that I enjoy - yoga. I don't practice as regularly as I would like, but I try to practice yoga whenever I can. It is a wonderful time for me, not only for my body, but also for relaxation for the mind. Contrary to appearances, yoga is not boring at all (and you will feel its effects the next day, when you cannot get out of bed, because you will have sore muscles that you had no idea about).

Another way to move your body when we can't leave the house is to dance. I'm not talking about professional dance lessons (although many dance schools now offer online classes), but ordinary dance to your favorite songs. All you need is 15 minutes to feel better and automatically improve your mood (seriously, I know what I'm saying - I practice it almost every day). Launch your favorite Spotify playlist and your legs will make you dance.

Sitting at home promotes a constant desire for food

It is proved that often when we are not hungry we just eat out of ... boredom. I also often snack when I work and I'm very focused (which is not necessarily associated with boredom). Then I usually reach for nuts that give you an energy kick. Of course, it is better to choose those without the addition of salt or spices. I like roasted peanuts (peanuts) without salt the most. Even now, when I'm writing this article, I like to eat it.

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During the isolation we are more eager to spend time on the sofa watching movies or series (we also, but we combine it with learning French). And if it's a movie, we'd love to eat something (salty snacks are my nightmare!). If watching you associate with food and you can not get rid of this habit - reach for healthier snacks, e.g. nuts, dried fruits, roasted chickpeas or kale chips (I do not like these, but if you like it, I highly recommend it).

How not to gain weight during a coronavirus epidemic?

First of all, take care of regular eating of full-fledged meals. I'm not a fan of sweet breakfasts, but sometimes I want to start the day in this way - then I usually make vegan pancakes, which I serve with maple syrup (in summer also with fresh fruit). More often, however, I reach for salty porridge with black sesame and fried mushroom or crispy oyster mushrooms. Such porridge is not only tasty, nutritious, but also gluten-free (which is very important in my case - due to hypothyroidism, I try to avoid gluten whenever I can).

Especially now, when our activity is limited - reach less (and preferably at all, but I know it is difficult ... especially on these days) for unhealthy snacks or sweets. If you feel like something unhealthy, reach for healthier options - you can make a burger at home, and if you want something sweet - you can bake a carrot cake or bean brownie.

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Take care of healthy sleep in the right number of hours (for me it is 8 hours so that I do not feel like a zombie). And if you have a problem with a desire to eat before bedtime, take advantage of the advice of Parisian women - it is better to go to bed with an empty stomach than to be overfilled. I don't know about you, but if I eat a meal too late, I can't sleep. I have nightmares and in the morning I feel full. This not a nice feeling accompanied me several times in my life, so for years I have been following the principle of Parisians, which actually works.

I hope that the above article will help you find a way to not gain weight during the coronavirus epidemic. The ground is to be reasonable in everything you do. Especially now, when an open mind is badly needed to endure difficult times.

What products should be included in everyday nutrition?

vegetablesRecently I wrote about the properties of whole grain (Click). Today I would like to introduce a few products that are worth incorporating into everyday nutrition to provide our body with vitamins and minerals necessary for life.


Not everyone can taste it because of the characteristic taste and light burning in the tongue.
Arugula, however, is often used for various types of salads. It contains a lot of fiber as well as vitamin. A, C, K and minerals (especially potassium).
Increases the excretion of toxins from the body.

A glass of rocket is just 4 kcal.


There are many types of lettuce, among others ice, butter, Roman.
The most valuable nutrients and vitamins are butter butter.
Lettuce (no matter what type) contains carotene, folic acid, potassium and fiber, vit. B and iron and magnesium.

A glass of lettuce is only 5 kcal.


This vegetable can be eaten in various forms - from healing to zucchini cake.
It is easily digestible, deacidifying the stomach (it is recommended for people who suffer from reflux or heartburn). Contains vitamin A and calcium.
It does not accumulate heavy metals, it is rich in water. It is often used to cleanse the body.

100 gram of zucchini is just 15 kcal.


Contains vitamin K and iron, as well as antioxidants, lutein and beta-carotene.
A portion of spinach covers the daily requirement in vitamin K in 200%.
However, do not overdo the eating of spinach, because it is rich in large amounts of oxalic acid. Eggs neutralize oxalic acid, so you should eat them in the company of spinach.

100g spinach is only 20 kcal.


I used to dislike carrots a lot, but now I often have guests in dishes that I make.
Contains vitamin C and K, as well as B6, folic acid, manganese, beta-carotene and potassium, as well as falkarinol (a compound that reduces the likelihood of developing cancer).
Carrot rejuvenates and regenerates the skin, improves eyesight and immunity (I recommend a carrot mask that works great on our skin).

Half a glass of carrot is only 22 kcal.