Ideas for a tasty and healthy dinner (quick)

There are days when you have a dilemma what to do for dinner or just work all day at high speed and there is no chance to make a home dinner? You are not alone with the question "what to eat today?". Increasingly, the problem is to save time for cooking. Do not kid yourself. It also happens that we simply don't have the strength to do so after a day's work. The exceptions are weekends, where we can easily prepare a delicious home-made dinner.
A much better replacement for a traditional dinner is the use of proven frozen foods, the composition of which is short and simple without unnecessary additives. Definitely such a dinner will be healthier and tastier than fast food eaten in a hurry. You should remember to celebrate the meal with your loved ones as often as possible.

Swallowing a meal in large portions does not help healthy nutrition. When eating dinner, nothing should distract us. This must be a moment for us and our loved ones to be able to sit together at the common table not only from holidays or on the weekend.

We were looking for frozen food for a long time, which had no compounds harmful to our body.
On our shopping list, Frosta products are most often 'hosted'. Most often, we buy Chinese vegetables in a frying pan. They taste great and have a lot of vegetables. Just boil the rice and we have dinner ready in a few moments. Piotr is very fond of Fish Treat with Spinach. I always prepare mashed potatoes and beetroot slices for this, yummy!
Tagliatelle from salmon will also be a good choice. In this case, the portion is so full-bodied that we don't have to add anything. The second option for Frosta with salmon is Fetuccine with shrimps and salmon.
Although in this case the pasta is delicious, but it is too much fish for me - salmon. I must admit that at least once in the case of frozen food, you can write that there is too much something, not too little in relation to the picture on the packaging.

Remember to read the composition when shopping. I adhere to the principle the shorter and simpler the composition, the better. Frost frozen foods perfectly match my healthy eating philosophy.

I am curious, how do you deal with preparing dinner when you do not have time to prepare it from scratch? If you are looking for an idea for a good dinner and not only look at our Instagram profiles @dpblogpl i @petrdp.