Denko: July 2015 part 2

Male eye

  • Hair styling paste, Toni & Guy. Once again I decided to buy this cosmetic. I still maintain that this is one of the best hair styling pastes. Easy application, does not leave a "castle", after application and styling effect is permanent. The biggest downside is that the paste has been withdrawn from the Rossmann or Hebe drugstore range. If any of you will know where to get this product in Poland, in a store or e-store, let me know! I will not buy again because it is not in the stores.
  • AA Men Sensitive shaving gel has been with me for a long time. The effect of softening facial hair and moisturizing is very satisfying. After shaving, I don't have any redness or irritation on my face. In addition, AA gel lasts a long, long time. Even when picking up by my wife ... :) I will buy again.
  • Bath & Body Works antibacterial gel. The gel has a masculine fragrance, personally reminds me of my favorite Calvin Klein Truth for Men perfume. If someone has used this fragrance, he will definitely like this antibacterial gel. The biggest advantage of this product: it does not dry your hands and do not feel the smell of alcohol after application. Works perfectly outside the home. I will buy again.


  • Aquafresh fresh & minty the travel version was with P. during the trip to Warsaw, and with me in Olsztyn. Actually, there wasn't much choice for smaller sizes, but the paste worked well. Refreshes nicely, but I prefer Elmex paste. I will not buy again unless I leave somewhere.
  • Elmex Sensitive is in use every approx. 2 months, i.e. after a visit to the orthodontist. My teeth after replacing the bow are always terribly sensitive, and this paste soothes this hypersensitivity. I will buy again at the end of August (another visit to the ortho).
  • Elmex against tooth decay This is our daily paste. We've been using it since my orthodontist recommended it to us. In September I go to the dentist for a check, we will see if the paste really works. I will buy again.

Perfect Housewife

The idea of ​​the perfect housewife was born so late that only one product was found this month. Domol softening water is with us regularly, because the water in Gdansk, unfortunately, is very hard (in the district where I live). I believe that if it wasn't for this product and my hard work in cleaning the washing machine, at the moment I could throw it away. I will buy again.