Calvin Klein One Vs Hugo Boss No 6 shower gels test

I think each of us knows this wise proverb, "Don't judge a book by its cover." In this case, this saying will have its full justification. Will this duel decide the winner? The result can be surprising ...

CK One vs Hugo Boss No 6 shower gel
(Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss No 6)

Calvin and you wizard ...

We start the comparison of shower gels with Calvin Klein. If we are people who value details and like to enjoy high quality products in our eyes, Ck will never let us down. The packaging and its execution immediately caught my attention, high-quality matte plastic was used, and the dispenser was styled on brushed aluminum.

An additional advantage is the ease of use and full control over the amount of product applied. The whole is characterized by what I like the most, pure minimalism in a beautiful performance.

The gel smell is refreshing, slightly citrus and slightly resembles the scent note of Ck Truth for Men toilet water. However, the smell of the product does not stay on the skin for too long. The plus is definitely a gel that is very efficient.
Referring to the beginning of the notes and proverbs "Do not judge a book by its cover" - I am in a hurry to explain why it fits here so perfectly. My bitterness was beyond words when I started to analyze the composition of the Ck shower gel. Maybe it is not important for some, but I attach great importance to this type of thing.
I must admit that I am a big fan of both described brands. However, the composition we were given leaves much to be desired. I can even describe this gel as a "little chemist" set.

Price: 55 PLN, 250 ml

Hugo Boss No 6

Another shower gel - Hugo Boss No 6 and another plus for the packaging. Visually, it's not Ck, but it's just as easy to apply. And because the tube with the hole is profiled downwards - you will not have to wait for the gel to drain and only then we will be able to use it. However, the downside is that the packaging is not transparent, so we do not know how much we have left to the end.

The gel is slightly less efficient than Ck. It is due to the fact that the composition contains less active substances responsible for the formation of foam.

The main aroma is composed of citruses, apple, cinnamon, bergamot. In addition, we can find the smell of m, among others: sandalwood and cedar. The gel is very refreshing and the scent is obtained for a long time on the skin.

Important information that you will also find on the packaging - avoid contact with eyes. We return to the heart of the problem of both products. There is simply too much preserving or foaming agent in them.

Price: 45 PLN, 150 ml

A few words at the end

When buying a shower gel from a brand like Ck or Hugo Boss, I expect something more than from an average shower gel, which is available in every drugstore. In the composition of both gels we have a lot of active substances that perfectly remove impurities from our skin.

In addition, we have a lot of substances that improve the consistency and durability of the product. On the plus side, an ingredient such as Coco-Glucoside. This substance is very mild to the skin and mucous membranes. It soothes any irritant effects caused by surfactants.


Certainly the smell and performance speak for a plus of Ck gel. I personally used it to wash my hair. Washed off previously used for styling hair spray and styling paste which could not be successfully removed with other shampoos. All thanks to the substance (Polyquaternium-7). It is such an active substance that it will easily wash everything from our hair and give it shine.

As this is a duel, it is worth announcing the verdict. The problem is I would never buy any of them again. This is mainly due to the composition of the products tested.

If we follow other priorities, Ck wins. 10 is ok PLN more expensive, but it has 100 ml more than Hugo Boss. In addition, its packaging is simply nicer and more practical to use.

I would like to thank the store for providing access to review products on the D&P Blog.