Comparison of Nivea for Men Sport shower gels vs. Umbro Energy

Today I am pleased to review you two shower gels one of them is from Nivea and the other is from Umbro. Nivea gel was bought in Poland while the second gel was bought in England. He does not write it without a reason, because the origin may have influenced the assessment of the product because cosmetics purchased outside our country have a completely different texture and smell.

My opinion about Nivea for Men Sport and Umbro Energy shower gels

Both shower gels are very efficient which is a big plus because you need to spend 10 trifold on these gels. Capacity: Nivea for Men Sport 250ml, Umbro Energy 300ml.

Both of them have a relaxing and soothing effect, I like the smell of umbro gel more. Nivea gel is in favor of the fact that the gel can be used for both body and hair washing, come for me if there is anything for everything, it is useless;) a good shampoo is turnip shampoo and Ziaji shampoo from the new series "yego" which is already waiting for the premiere reviews. Assessing the product in terms of aesthetics, there can be only one winner, and this is the work of the Umbro company, as you can see in the photo, the producers of this company came up with a very practical and aesthetic solution, now even with slippery hands, the gel can be held in hand thanks to the profiled bottle texture. In general, the Umbro gel wins the duel. The gel has a more pleasant consistency. Just not a large amount to spread the gel on the body, an additional advantage of the Umbro specificity is a nicer scent.


After bathing, you have the impression of being relaxed and relaxed, which is important after a hard day, e.g. at work or lectures. The most important, however, is that the fragrance be subdued and not too strong as in the case of Niveia. My bride also likes Umbro gel more than Niveia's.