Bosch Sensixx´x DI90 AntiShine iron

Ever imagined that you would think about ironing with a smile on your face? No? And we are not surprised at all. Everything has changed since we invested in a Bosch iron with a steam generator.

iron bosch sensixxx di90 antishine

Until now, when it was necessary to iron something using a regular iron, we treated it as one of Sisyphean works. It is not known how much we would not iron, the creases were visible anyway. Apart from the fact how many times blouses or shirts after ironing had shiny marks on them. We have described the iron for a long time (one and a half years). After such a long time, we can objectively present its pros and cons that we have experienced with a clear conscience.

The power of the iron is very important. The absolute minimum is 2800W, and 3200W is enough for us to be completely happy

The purchase of this iron was preceded by a period of long searching for the perfect device. We mainly paid attention to the iron's power so that it was not too weak. The absolute minimum is 2800 W, and 3200 W is enough for us to be completely happy. Another important factor for us when choosing ironing equipment was its resistance to iron foot scratches. It is important that the foot was ceramic, come on now it is a certain standard. Especially if we choose an iron from the so-called top price shelf. We can confirm that the iron we have purchased has not even the smallest scratch so far. The self-cleaning function will help us keep the soleplate in perfect condition. When choosing an iron with a steam generator, it is important that the iron has the right parameters. And so ours Bosch Sensixx'x iron can produce 65g g / min. This guarantees pleasant, accurate and most importantly fast ironing. In addition, if we are not enough, we can generate additional steam bursts with power 200g / min. Believe it or not, but the creases, even the most persistent ones, have no chance at such a steam shot.

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Before buying as important as the above factors was the fact that this iron has an anti-lime system. If you have hard or very hard water like us, this system will protect your iron from damage. Here is a little digression, learn from our mistakes! To fully protect the iron against damage, follow the instructions in the manual and descale the iron using the preparation once a quarter and once a month with water only. In addition, it will be better to invest in hard water demineralized water. The cost of such water is about 3 PLN / 5l. An additional advantage of the iron is the vertical steam output. This is very helpful when ironing items such as jackets or dresses. Another plus of the device is the drip stop. The iron has several programs.

iron bosch sensixxx di90

We most often use iTemp (a program that automatically adjusts the iron temperature to the ironed fabric) and AntiShine (preventing shiny clothes, especially dark and delicate. I use this program when ironing silk blouses). As for the soleplate, we confirm that this function works. However, the problem of running water appears after using the so-called washer. I use it very rarely because the couple does their work.

If we are with defects in the iron, then certainly with a large amount of ironing at once, filling the tank can be a hassle. We met with opinions that the iron is loud. Yes, but if the water tank is already empty. Then the steam generator works louder. The device cable is long enough and flexible. It rotates around its axis, so using the iron becomes even easier. And something else for forgetful. When you forget to turn off the iron, don't worry about it. Unused it will turn off after a few minutes.