Zero is not a size

Sophia Bush is the patron of this note and the inspiration, who gave me the idea. Sophia in the One Tree Hill series raised the problem of being perfect. I love her for all her acting achievements, I love her for supporting charity actions - that she doesn't sit in front of the TV but works. I like her for not promoting weight loss like most celebrities. Diets, obsession with appearance. This is how everyday life looks like for some of us today ... Diets, obsessions, body worship ... Anorexia, bulimia.

body size zero is not a size
Eating disorders - where does it come from? because we have been stigmatized since childhood, to be beautiful, to be perfect. We use a million cosmetics to make us beautiful beings. I don't mind taking care of myself, of course there are limits. It is sad that advertising and artificial images created by others have such a huge impact on us.

Zero is not a size

I can't understand the worship of losing weight. I only lost weight once a prom. I do not know why, because I do not belong to fat people, the weight has not receded and grows for several years. Still, I was losing weight because I thought I wouldn't look good. what was the effect? a few hours before my mom narrowed the dress because it turned out that she was hanging on me, which, as you guessed, was not a very beautiful view. Especially a few hours before the prom ...
I admire people who are on a diet. I support this behavior if we are overweight and our health is at risk, but I do not understand when I see that skinny people eat properly ... nothing. No, not by choice - just because they are on a diet, because it is cool nowadays to talk about being on a diet.
I don't like skinny models, and they are the ones that make us complex. Apropo models will probably be a separate note. But not today, because exams are chasing, and sleep is the most desirable activity for several weeks.
Sophia Bush in a T-shirt with the inscription Zero is not a size

Body worship

Actually, the pursuit of being "perfect". Let's first think about what an ideal is and whether it exists ... when I read interviews with stars that I think are close to ideal, I am usually surprised that they have complexes. Amazing, right? but unfortunately true ... There are no ugly women. Each woman is beautiful in her own way. It is enough to emphasize the beauty with makeup, clothes and, above all, take care of yourself. Thinness, ideal of beauty ... it is usually the work of photoshop and several graphic designers who improve the photos of models or actresses.
Remember 0 is not a size! I am sick when I see the size 0. Where is a bit of femininity here ?! Feminine shapes are beautiful. I used to be skinny, I was obsessed with being skinny, being perfect. Now when I have gained light shapes I feel better, I feel feminine.
I believe that one day thinness will cease to be in vogue.